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Mercedes Benz e-class

Mercedes benz E class

Manufactured since the year 1993, the Mercedes Benz E-Class series is comprised of executive vehicles designed with varying engine types and layouts. It boasts five generations in its nameplate, and it continuously offers unparalleled performance, power and quality to different types of car enthusiasts. Available in 4Matic 4-wheel or rear-wheel driving configuration, the models under the E-Class lineage was designed with a fuel injection engine, which later became standard for Mercedes engines. Because of its unique features, the E-Class series became one of the best-selling models released by Mercedes Benz, with 13 million units sold in the year 2015. Aside from being a popular personal vehicle, it also became a prominent taxi, ambulance and police car in Europe and in other countries. A multifunctional vehicle perfect for personal or commercial applications, the E-Class variant is guaranteed to dominate the car market even for the years to come.