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Mercedes Benz a-class

Mercedes benz A class

Despite its compact dimensions, the Mercedes Benz A-Class series was designed with ample interior space to offers drivers and passengers lasting comfort. Its first generation, which was a 4-door hatchback, was launched in the year 1997--about 3 years after the company announced that they will be introducing a line of small vehicles. The first two generations were made with subcompact hatchback variants designed with highly inventive technology, while the succeeding models fall under the “compact” category. The short but tall body layout isn’t the only feature that separates the A-Class cars from other Mercedes Benz models as they were also built with a front-wheel driving configuration and a Sandwich system, which is a front impact absorption system. To provide extra protection to passengers in the event of a collision, the transmission and the engine will glide underneath the pedals instead of being displaced in the compartment. Fusing exemplary internal and external features, the A-Class series is undeniably made to perfection.