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Mercedes Benz cls-class

Mercedes benz Cls class

An E-Class packaged in a sexier and sleeker layout, the Mercedes Benz CLS-Class is a four-door sedan that was first introduced in the year 2005. Classified under the S-Class and above the E-Class series, the CLS-Class was designed with luxurious features that greatly enhance comfort and drivability. Available in different trim levels, the first generation is made up of models engineered with engines powered by petrol and turbocharged diesel. The variants under the second generation, on the other hand, were designed with more engine types, including diesel turbo or turbo engines. The Mercedes Benz CLS-Class also does not fall short when it comes to safety as its variants are built with front and side-impact airbags, along with a smart sensor system, which responds depending to the severity of the collision. Some trim levels also offer a Pre-Safe system that anticipates probable collision and automatically adjusts seats and seatbelts to optimize driver and passenger safety. A vehicle that can match the expectations of even the most demanding car enthusiast, the Mercedes Benz CLS-Class raises the bar to greater heights. uses cookies and other tracking technologies to improve your browsing experience by showing personalized contents, promotions and targeted ads. Learn more

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