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Mercedes Benz s-class

Mercedes benz S class

Derived from a German phrase that means special class, the Mercedes Benz S-Class series fuses all premium-grade car features into one vehicle. With six generations in its nameplate, the series continues to bear Mercedes Benz’ flagship vehicles. It was first launched to represent the company’s top-of-the-line vehicles in the year 1972, and since then, it continuously delivers exemplary models made with futuristic features. It introduced the most up-to-date car innovation, which includes but are not limited to safety systems, interior features and breakthroughs in driving configurations. Because of its remarkable vehicles, the S-Class became the top-selling luxury vehicle under the sedan category. Depending on the variant, the S-Class models are available in V12, V8, V6, I4, hybrid and diesel powertrains, which are built in long wheelbase and standard versions. A special vehicle that can offer the most updated features, the Mercedes S-Class is built to offer the greatest riding experience.