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Mazda bongo-brawny-van

Mazda Bongo brawny van

Nobody needs to get left behind as the Bongo Brawny Van boasts incredible passenger and cargo space that goes beyond that regular urban runabouts. Launched as the longer variant of the Mazda Bongo, the Mazda Bongo Brawny van is perfect not just for families, but for businesses on the go as well. It is available in normal and long variants with a wheelbase that measures around 2400 mm and 2600 mm, respectively. Under the hood, the Bongo Brawny variants are equipped with engines that generate the power and torque needed to transport large groups of people from city to city. Add to that, this incredibly-sized van was also designed with comfort and luxury features that make travelling fun for every passenger. With so many features at hand, the Bongo Brawny Van is a sure win for both the recreation and business-oriented enthusiast.