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Mazda axela

Mazda Axela

The Mazda Axela can effortlessly steal the spotlight from other cars in its class as it displays a sophisticated and confident demeanor. Popularly known as Mazda3 in the international car market, the Mazda Axela combines style with performance, thanks to its outstanding built-in features. The term “axela” is coined from the words excellent and accelerate, which perfectly describe this exemplary sedan. The series was launched in the year 2003, and since then, it has released three generations of highly inventive vehicles. As the series advances, it continues to step forward with new features, including the SkyActive technology, which was integrated in the Mazda Axela 2012 model. While the engines vary from one Mazda Axela to another, all models are able to generate maximum power and torque without sacrificing agility. Not to mention, it boasts great fuel economy, which reaches up to 42 mpg. Because of its premier features, the Mazda Axela soon became one of the fastest-selling vehicles manufactured by Mazda.