Learn Specs of All Japanese Van & Minibus

Nissan Van Specifications

Station Wagon Type


It is positioned as the successor of Sunny van, Pulsar van, Violet van, and Auster van. It is a commercial vehicle produced by Nissan Shatai and sold by Nissan. Mazda Familia van and Mitsubishi Lancer cargo are sold as OEM supply model. The car name “AD” is an abbreviation of the word “Advanced.”

Monocorps Type

Caravan Van

A cab over type van, a bus called coach, and a wagon are sold as well as Isuzu COMO, which is an OEM supply model. Toyota HiAce has been their competition for many years. It was fully a Monocorps type until the E24 model, but it became a 1.2 box type from the E25 model with a crushable zone due to the review of collision safety standard. It has a vertical torsion bar spring double wishbone front suspension, a leaf spring rigid rear suspension, front disc brakes, and rear drum brakes. There are gasoline engine and diesel engine option settings. It is sold as the “URVAN” overseas and exported from Japan to Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore, Australia, and New Zealand. Philippines, Malaysia, and African countries have local productions. The origin of the name means “Caravan.” The fifth generation of NV means “Nissan Van,” 350 means “Vehicle total weight 3,500kg class.”

Vanette Van

It is a Monocorps car sold by Nissan. It consists of a commercial vehicle light van and a truck, and there was also a “coach” of wagon (minivan) model in the past. The origin of the car name is a coined word of “Van” and a suffix word “ETTE” that means “Small, cute.”