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Mazda Van Specifications

Station Wagon Type

Familia Van

In 1994, it replaced the sixth generation van/wagon that was being sold continuously, and it was released in response to an OEM supply from Nissan. It is based on the Nissan AD van/Nissan AD wagon. The name Familia means “Family” in Spanish, and the idea of “Driving with the whole family” is put in it.

Monocorps Type

Bongo Van

It is a cab over style of Monocorps commercial vehicle mainly for commercial use, produced and sold by Mazda. Also, the rear small diameter double tires are only in Bongo and Bongo OEM cars in this class. The first generation was the best seller as a Monocorps van at the time, and it spread widely as the synonym of a Monocorps car. Because Toyota suspended the order of Townace and Liteace temporarily in July 2007, Mazda monopolized the commercial vehicle of this class during the five months until December when the new Toyota model produced in Indonesia was released. The car name “Bongo” originates from a ruminant in Africa called Bongo. The naming is modeled after its majestic physique.

Bongo Brawny Van

It is a higher rank car model based on the Bongo van with an extended wheelbase. It belongs to the highest class of Monocorps car with Hiace, Caravan/Homy, and Fargo, compared to the middle class Monocorps of Bongo. “Brawny” of Bongo Brawny means “Muscular” and “Tough” in English, and it is a sub name that expressed the Bongo’s higher (heavy load) model.