Learn Specs of All Japanese Van & Minibus

All Vans Spec Comparison


Wide Luggage Space

The characteristic of Hiace van is square body, and cabin space is very large and utility is very good because the car can load a lot of cargo. Because of that, it has various way to utilize.Wheel chair can be loaded and it can be served as welfare vehicle. On the other hand, it can load motorcycle as a transporter. Also, you can load several surf board, ski board and snow board. Various kinds of goods can be loaded to luggage space. If it is modified, 10-passenger seat can be arranged full-flat, you can sleep with stretching the legs. In auto auction hall in Japan, many Hiaces with the mileage 200,000km or 300,000km are dealt with.


It is traded in high price even if the covered mileage is long. It is a proof that durability of Hiace van is appreciated all over the world.

Tough Engine

Hiace van has 2 types of engine such as diesel engine and gasoline engine. Especially, diesel engine is durable and powerful. As the acceleration the diesel turbo engine AKD-FTV for current 200 models is quick in overtake in the highway because of has wide torque range, it is comfortable for long distance drive.


Long Wheelbase

The shortening of the rear overhang (the distance from the rear wheel center to the rear end of the body) with a long wheelbase is one of the features. It is said to be a sign of differentiation that Nissan displayed against the short wheelbase of the Hiace.

High Texture

The instrument panel is unified in black, the seats are available in black or beige, and it has a high quality feel for a commercial van.

Usable Luggage Space

There are various body sizes and the cargo compartment capacity changes, but the cargo compartment in all cars is designed to be easy to use by making the top of the wheelhouse flat for easy cargo loading, and equipping 24 utility nuts for free modification of the cargo compartment.


Small Diameter Double Tires

The major feature of the Bongo van is that it is the only compact commercial van that has small diameter tire variations in rear wheels. With small diameter double tires, the tire house does not stick out even if the cargo compartment has a low floor, so a flat floor surface can be designed and the small diameter tire has a merit of cargo loading with no wasted space.

Rise of the Work Efficiency

The low floor model has a floor surface height above ground of only 610mm and the opening of the back door is 1285mm, so the design reduces the burden to the waist and improves work efficiency when loading/unloading the cargo.

Niche Line-Up

While it is a compact commercial van with 1.8L engine, the maximum loading capacity is set to 1t, and they are making steady sales to niche users.