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Subaru vivio

Subaru Vivio

The Subaru Vivio hatchback is in the Kei car category first introduced in the market back in 1992. Its long presence in the automotive industry has seen it go through a lot of modifications that adequately equip it to the modern market. It is packed with a quality engine of 658 cc and has an overall horse power of 52 ps. The engine is fitted with 4 cylinders with a multi-point fuel injecting system that enhances the efficiency of the engine. It also has quite the transmission offering both the automatic and manual option with a 3 speed for the automated system and 5 speed for manual. Although the idea behind the design is making it sizably small but its hatch batch style creates a lot of space in its interior. It also designed to be very light with an impressive capacity to economize on fuel utility. The Vivio hatchback has a maximum weight of 700 kgs and has a dashboard accessorized with automatic controls for infotainment, navigation, climate control and so much more!