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Subaru brz

Subaru Brz

The Subaru BRZ Coupe is another dynamic and sophisticated Coupe by the Subaru Corporation and incorporates all the superior features for a modern car hence offering real time performance as well as efficiency on fuel. It comes with a 2 liter boxer engine equipped with 4 inline cylinders with a power output of 205 hp. It is offered in both manual and automatic options with an excellent steering response that which greatly improves handling making driving your new recreation. The luxury car is designed for convenience with applications such as the track mode, LED headlights, a keyless entry as well as a push button ignition, satellite navigation, a seven inch touch panel compatible with all smartphones, power windows, power steering, infotainment, airbags and so much more. The BRZ offers you power seating and is a luxury car like no other that gives you value as well as distinction on the road.