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Honda zest

Honda Zest

Combining juicy features that make driving fun and effortless is the Honda Zest--a kei car that was initially manufactured in the year 2006. Despite sharing identical mechanical features with Honda Life’s 5th generation, the Honda Zest makes itself distinct by its unique style and demeanor. It flaunts a strong and robust vibe that can definitely put recreation-based enthusiasts under its spell. Mechanically speaking, the Honda Zest is powered by a turbocharged engine that offers ample power and torque for trips in and around the metro. This four-door vehicle was also designed with a decent interior space that goes beyond carrying passengers as it also leaves enough room for small cargo. It made a mark in the car industry as it was the first kei car built with an optional side curtain airbag--a feature that guarantees the safety of passengers even during a crash. A vehicle built for the family, the Honda Zest delivers optimum comfort and reliability.