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Honda step-wgn

Honda Step wgn

It’s hard not to spot the Honda Step Wgn once it’s out on the road, thanks to its sophisticated exterior layout. Manufactured by Honda since 1996, the Honda Step Wgn puts the spotlight back to mid-size MPVs because of its ability to fuse comfort and performance without sacrificing visual appeal. One of the strengths of the Honda Step WGN is its interior space, which is able to accommodate around 8 people while leaving ample room for cargo. Add to that, some Honda Step WGN variants also have a highly inventive tailgate mechanism called the Waku Waku, which means exciting. As the series progressed, the variants have received major changes not just externally, but mechanically as well. From boasting a simple yet classic demeanor to flaunting a futuristic design layout, the Honda Step WGN has greatly evolved into a powerful vehicle that has everything it takes to make family trips effortlessly exciting and fun. uses cookies and other tracking technologies to improve your browsing experience by showing personalized contents, promotions and targeted ads. Learn more

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