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Honda elysion-prestige

Honda Elysion prestige

The Honda Elysion Prestige definitely lives up to its name as it embodies prestige in all angles. Tagged as the king of MPVs, this futuristic vehicle speaks directly to the hearts of minivan enthusiasts as it offers a luxurious riding experience. Its oval-shaped exterior styling isn’t just meant to strengthen this five-star vehicle’s road appeal as it also strategically lessens wind noise and drag to fully optimize passenger comfort. Add to that, it is engineered with an adaptive lighting system and a vehicle stability assist, which work hand in hand to enhance safety regardless of road and weather conditions. To match its strong road presence, the Honda Elysion Prestige was built with a strong heart as it is powered by a 3.5-liter VTEC engine--an engine that offers great fuel economy without sacrificing power and torque. As an icing on the cake, the Honda Elysion Prestige was also designed with a premium-grade cabin, which transforms every traveling experience into a luxurious get-away. Fusing together elite elements, the Honda Elysion Prestige is a true haven for every minivan enthusiast.