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Honda cr-v

Honda Cr v

A compact crossover SUV built for every family, the Honda CR-V mixes luxury and efficiency with its practical features. Although it shares the same platform with other models under the Honda Civic series, this family-friendly vehicle offers twice the fun and the action, thanks to its body configuration and its overall mechanical layout. It was first released in the year 1995 as a mid-ranged utility vehicle that later became available in North America and other international car markets. Also available in CR-V sports variants, the series offers a wide range of models to aspiring SUV owners. From offering classy and simple layouts, the CR-V now has facelifted versions that successfully epitomize everything that’s great about modern-day vehicles. The series already has 5 generations--all of which display unique mechanical features that optimize driving conditions. An SUV designed to meet the needs of families, the Honda CR-V is nothing short of spectacular.