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Honda elysion

Honda Elysion

More than just a minivan, the Honda Elysion is the embodiment of every family’s dream. Capable of accommodating around seven or eight passengers, the Honda Elysion perfectly fuses comfort, luxury and efficiency. It picks up styling cues from Honda LaGreat, but it is notably smaller in dimension, making it extremely ideal for driving on busy urban roads. Its name, which was based from a Greek word that means “heaven,” fully gives justice to its unique and enticing features. Its body configuration doesn’t only allow for more cargo and passenger space as it is also sculpted to minimize drag and wind noise to offer unparalleled comfort for both drivers and passengers. Its luxurious interiors, which is comprised of comfy seats and premium-grade features, is matched with a soundproofed cabin that further optimizes riding experience. Plus, the strong points of the Honda Elysion doesn’t stop there as it was also built with powerful engines that are perfect for different driving applications. Upon its launch, it was available in two engine types: a 2.4-liter i-VTEC K24A engine and a 3-liter V6 i-VTEC J30A engine. Rolling luxury, comfort and power into one, the Honda Elysion effortlessly sets the bars higher when it comes to family vehicles. uses cookies and other tracking technologies to improve your browsing experience by showing personalized contents, promotions and targeted ads. Learn more

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