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Mitsubishi delica

Mitsubishi Delica

As one of the most popular delivery cars in the world, the Mitsubishi Delica is a series of pickup trucks and cabover vehicles that flaunt an impressive cargo space. Its first generation was launched in the year 1968, and it evolved into producing passenger vans and wagons. Also advertised as the Mitsubishi L300, Mitsubishi Star Wagon and Mitsubishi Express, the Delica nameplate has successfully withstood the test of time because of its multifunctional design and mechanical features. Depending on the generation, the Delica is available in different driving configurations, engine types and body layouts that were designed to address the needs of aspiring vehicle owners. Spanning 5 generations that are made up of highly diverse models, the Mitsubishi Delica incessantly gains local and international success because it is a family and a light commercial vehicle rolled into one.