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Mitsubishi ek-wagon

Mitsubishi Ek wagon

First introduced in the year 2001, the Mitsubishi eK Wagon is a 5-door vehicle that flaunts timeless car features. It bears great resemblance with the iconic Mitsubishi Minica, which is one of the longest-running nameplates manufactured by Mitsubishi Motors. From the outside, the Mitsubishi eK Wagon stands out because of its contemporary design and its boxy layout. As years progressed, a facelifted version of the eK Wagon was released. The most recent generations boast a sleek design, which was paired with inventive features that make this vehicle stand out even more. In fact, the Mitsubishi eK was among the Mitsubishi models that had received massive success only a few days after its release. A premiere car that has incessantly soared because of its unique road presence and cost-efficiency, the Mitsubishi eK Wagon is one of the most ideal vehicles for executives and families.