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BMW 7-series

Bmw 7 series

It’s impossible not to expect only the best from BMW’s flagship car, the BMW 7 Series. Fortunately, the segment does not fall short from expectations as it was not just a big revelation back in the 1977. Instead, it has set a new benchmark for luxury sedans. Spanning 6 generations in its nameplate, the BMW 7 Series has made its own name in the industry because of its futuristic design and technological features. Aside from elevating driving experience by combining luxury and athleticism, the series is also well-known for its powerful engines. The first generation was engineered with straight-six petrol engines, while the succeeding ones were equipped with stronger and more reliable engine types, including inline-four, straight-six, V8 and V12 engines designed with turbocharging and natural aspiration. Add to that, regardless of the generation, the series promises unparalleled performance and comfort to drivers and passengers, making it one of the most remarkable segments in the BMW lineup.