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BMW 5-series

Bmw 5 series

Standing the test of time and competition, the BMW 5 Series proves why it continuously outlives its competitors by offering top-quality cars for every driver. It was first released in the year 1972 as a successor of the New Class Sedans. Thanks to its premium-grade qualities, the series has achieved phenomenal success, which is made more apparent by its show-stopping lineups. It now has 7 generations--the last of which was released in 2017. Gorgeous inside and out, the BMW 5 Series is a true paradise for both drivers and passengers. Some of the futuristic features of the newer models include an intelligent voice and gesture control, a Dynamic Damper Control with Adaptive Mode and rear heated seats. A series made not just to meet but to supersede every driver’s expectations, the BMW 5 Series can give you more reasons to stay behind the wheel.