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BMW x3

Bmw X3

Driving without limits is always possible, thanks to the BMW X3. A series of compact crossover SUVs launched in the year 2003, the BMW X3 is an expression of power and freedom. With the BMW 3 series as its predecessor, this segment is guaranteed to offer unfettered control and independence to every driving enthusiast. It was made with highly inventive features such as the BMW xDrive, which is a sophisticated all-wheel driving system, and a semi-autonomous driving mode. With these highly innovative features combined, drivers can drive with ease and comfort on or off road. Add to that, the variants under the series all offer extra room not just for passengers, but for large, bulky items as well. It spans 3 generations in its nameplate, and its latest variants are known for their inventive technological features, which include a touch and gesture control mechanism. A true adventurer fit for even the toughest road conditions, the BMW X3 makes driving effortlessly fun and unforgettable.