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The reasons why Hiace is very popular in Africa

It can be widely used even with a mileage of over 100,000 km. Its safety performance is highly valued.

When the mileage of your car is about to reach 100,000 km, many people may think that "it's time to replace the car". However, most of the used Japanese commercial vehicles exported to Africa have over 200,000 to 300,000 mileage. Commercial vehicles made in Japan are extremely reliable in terms of quality, and even if they are no longer being used in Japan, they are important items that support the lives of people in Africa.

Hiace is used as a bus locally!

Toyota "Hiace" is used in a wide range of purposes in Japan, from campers to welfare-purpose vans. The 6 to 14 seaters are the most common, and they are sometimes used as a bus in Africa. The rear seats can be positioned vertically so that they can accommodate as many people as possible. Hiace is a model that commands a strong share of exports at our company, and we received some positive comments from our customers. For example, "it took me four hours to go to school, but after receiving Hiace, the commuting time to school became 2 hours".

The reason for the strong popularity is its engine

So why is Hiace so popular amongst other commercial vehicles? The reason is its high-performance engine superior to other cars. Hiace engine is particularly durable and is said to be resistant to damage even after many years of use, and it is easy to repair even if it breaks down. We often receive orders from African customers by requesting "to purchase Hiace with this particular engine".