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Doubled the number of exports in the past two years. Exporting commercial vehicles to the Democratic Republic of the Congo

The volume of used cars exports is increasing!

Do you know "auto auctions"? In recent years, the online sales market in the form of auctions and flea markets has been expanding rapidly, and the number of used car lists at "auto auctions" is increasing year by year. Over 140,000 used cars are exhibited daily at more than 150 auction sites nationwide. And most of them (more than 30% of the entering number) are sold by overseas exporters to overseas markets. The number of vehicles exported in December 2019 was approximately 120,000, and it is predicted that the annual number of vehicles exported in 2019 will exceed 1.4 million.

There is a growing need since 2014!

Cars that have lost their commercial value in Japan are still actively used in Africa.
While the total number of exports from Japan is increasing, we are focusing on exporting commercial vehicles to foreign countries. In the Democratic Republic of the Congo, which is one of the largest markets, sales of commercial vehicles in 2019 were 145% compared to last year and have doubled in the last two years. Toyota "Hiace Van" and "Toyoace", and Mazda "Bongo Van" are especially popular.

How are commercial vehicles being used in the local markets?

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