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Started to export used construction equipment to Africa

Export sales of mixer trucks and aerial platforms via website, contributing to growth in developing countries

Utilizing the know-how through the export sales of used commercial vehicles, we have started to export construction machinery. Construction machinery, which was manufactured a few decades ago and is no longer used in Japan, is still in great demand in Africa, Australia, and New Zealand. Construction machinery such as dump trucks, mixer trucks, and aerial platforms used for infrastructure construction like road construction is popular mainly in developing countries.

Construction machinery that has been manufactured 30 years ago has still been used overseas

Japanese-made commercial vehicles and construction machinery have high durability, and even used vehicles are considered to be extremely reliable in terms of quality. Even if 30 to 40 years have passed since the product was manufactured, it can be used without problems after export, the unit price tends to be quite high. There are models that cost more than 10 million yen when it is brand new, but it is possible to purchase it for about 1.5 million yen when it is used. This is one of the reasons why it is so popular.