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Learn Specs of Canter

Mitsubishi Canter Model Code

1st digit F stands for Fuso truck and B means the bus.
2nd digit The contents are: A = petrol 2-wheel drive, B = diesel 2-wheel drive, C = petrol 4-wheel drive and D = diesel 4-wheel drive.
E = rear wheel drive model of canter (4 x 2), F = 2-rear axle vehicle (6 x 2).
G = 2-wheel and 4-wheel drive models of 1 number in Japan. (it does not stand for Canter Guts).
3rd digit The odd number stands for the standard body and the even number means wide body.
4th digit It stands for maximum payload. 0 – 3 stands for maximum payload 2 – 3 t. 4 = 3.5 t, and 5 = 4 – 4.7 t.
5th digit You can find out what engine is mounted by 5th digit.
1 = 4D30, 2 = 4M51, 5 = 4D32, 6 = 4D36, 7 = 4D33, 8 = 4D35, 9 = 4D31(T) , 4D34(T1) or 4D34T4 engine is mounted respectively.
The model code was changed in 1999, and 5th digit was changed from numeric number to alphabet.
In the case of alphabet, B = 4M42, C = 4D33, D = 4M50(T), E = 4M51(1) or 4M51(2) engine is mounted respectively.
6th digit You can find the length of wheel base by 6th digit.
The more the alphabet goes, the longer body will be. B = standard 2500/2520mm, C = standard 2750mm, E = long 3350mm, F = ultra long 3760mm, G = ultra long 3850mm.
7th digit It stands for the specifications such as D = dump truck P = packer (refuse collector).