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7th generation Canter was sold from June 2011. The square head lights became slanted. Vehicle model type identification of Canter is 6 digits which starts with "F" such as "FE70BB". "FE", shows that the vehicle has 4 tires and in rear drive. "FF" shows that the vehicle has 6 tires (4 at the rear) and is in rear drive. The far right number shows of the specification of cabs; 7 being standard and 8 being wide. The alphabet after numbers show of the type of engine it carries; B being 4M42, and D being 4M50. The far right alphabet after shows of the vehicle's wheelbase; B is 2500mm, C is 2750mm, E is 3350mm, F is 3650mm and G is 3850mm. There are three types of loading bay height; low, super low and high. As for the rear wheels, there are small radius double, double and single.

Engine Types