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6th generation Canter was sold from November 1993. Some models came with projector headlights. The door handles became vertical grip flaps. Vehicle model type identification of Canter is shown as "(eg) FE516B" consisting of 3 digit numbers and 3 or 1 alphabet. The first two alphabets, "FE", shows that the vehicle has 4 tires and in rear drive. "FF" shows that the vehicle has 6 tires (4 at the rear) and is in rear drive. The far left number shows the specification of the cab, 5 being standard and 6 being wide. The second number shows of its maximum load, 0-3 being 2t, 3t, 4 being 3.5t, 5 being 4t and 4.7t. The far right number shows the type of engine the vehicle carries, 2 being 4M51, 6 being 4D36, 7 being 4D33, 8 being 4D35 and 9 being 4D34T. The far right alphabets show of vehicle's wheelbase, B being 2500mm/2520mm, C being 2750mm, E being 3350mm, F being 3650mm and G being 3850mm. From 1990 onwards, the identification became FE51CB and the type of engines were shown in alphabets rather than numbers. C is 4D33, D is 4M50(T) and E is 4M51(1)/4M51(2). There are 3 types of tires at the rear; small radius double, double and single.

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