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5th generation FE3/4 Canter was sold from September 1985. Vehicle model type identification of Canter is shown as "(eg) FE301B" consisting of 3 digit numbers and 3 or 4 alphabets. The far right number, 3, shows that it is of a standard cab. If the same number is 4, it shows of wide cab. The number in the middle shows maximum load. 0-3 shows that it can load up to 2t or 3t, 4 shows that it can load up to 3.5t. the far right digit shows the type of engine it carries. 1 is of 4D30, 5 is of 4D32, 7 is of 4D33, 9 is of 4D31(T) or 4D34(T1). The alphabet on the far right indicates the wheelbase. B is of 2500mm, C is of 2750mm, E is of 3350mm, F is of 3760mm respectively. There are three types of floor height for the loading bay; low, super low and high. The rear rims are of small dimension double, double and single.

Engine Types