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Used AUDI A4 Engine


Model CodeEngine TypeEngine SizeDrivetrainDoorsSeats 
ABA-8KCDH1,800 cc2WD55Find Car Stock
DBA-8WCYRF2,000 cc2WD55Find Car Stock
DBA-8KCDN2,000 cc2WD55Find Car Stock
ABA-8WCYRF2,000 cc4WD45Find Car Stock
ABA-8WCVK2,000 cc2WD55Find Car Stock
DBA-8KCDNF2,000 cc2WD45Find Car Stock
ABA-8KCDNF2,000 cc2WD45Find Car Stock
ABA-8WCVN1,400 cc45Find Car Stock
GH-8EALT2,000 cc2WD55Find Car Stock
GH-8EBFB1,780 cc45Find Car Stock
ABA-8KCALF3,200 cc2WD55Find Car Stock
GH-8EAMBF1,780 cc4WD45Find Car Stock
GH-8EASNF3,000 cc2WD55Find Car Stock
ABA-8KCAB1,800 cc45Find Car Stock
DBA-8WCVK1,980 cc2WD45Find Car Stock
8KCDNF----1,984 cc4WD45Find Car Stock
8DAAHFAAH2,771 cc4WD45Find Car Stock
8DABCABC2,597 cc2WD45Find Car Stock
8DACKFACK2,771 cc4WD45Find Car Stock
8DADRADR1,780 cc2WD45Find Car Stock
8DAEBFAEB1,780 cc4WD45Find Car Stock
8DAGAFAGA2,393 cc4WD45Find Car Stock
8DAGAAGA2,393 cc2WD45Find Car Stock
8EALTALT1,984 cc2WD45Find Car Stock
8EAMBFAMB1,780 cc4WD45Find Car Stock
8DAPSAPS2,393 cc2WD45Find Car Stock
8DAPSFAPS2,393 cc4WD45Find Car Stock
8DAPTAPT1,780 cc2WD45Find Car Stock
8DAPUFAPU1,780 cc4WD45Find Car Stock
8EASNFASN2,976 cc4WD45Find Car Stock
8EAUKFAUK3,122 cc4WD45Find Car Stock
8EBDVBDV2,393 cc2WD45Find Car Stock
8HBDVBDV2,393 cc2WD24Find Car Stock
8EBFBBFB1,781 cc2WD45Find Car Stock
8EBGBFBGB1,984 cc4WD45Find Car Stock
8EBWEFBWE1,984 cc2WD45Find Car Stock
8KCABCAB1,798 cc2WD45Find Car Stock
8KCALFCAL3,196 cc4WD45Find Car Stock
8KCDHCDH1,798 cc2WD45Find Car Stock
8KCDNCDN1,984 cc2WD45Find Car Stock
8WCVKCVK1,984 cc2WD55Find Car Stock
8WCVNCVN1,394 cc2WD55Find Car Stock
8WCYRFCYR1,984 cc4WD45Find Car Stock