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Toyota prado

Toyota Prado

This model is classified as the “light duty” vehicle in the LANDCRUISER series.
It was introduced to the market as a spin-off of the LANDCRUISER 70. It is often called “PRADO” in Japan.
It was initially developed in response to the highly profitable MITSUBISHI PAJERO, a model that used numerous components from passenger vehicles.
The bottom part of the LANDCRUISER 70 was lightened and a common power terrain as the HILUX SURF and the BLIZZARD was installed on this passenger vehicle.

There are many models without gasoline engines and turbo chargers. Many had simple interior and accessories with a diesel engine. It gained popularity as the relatively cheaper/lighter model compared to the PAJERO and the ISUZU BIG HORN.
It was not until April of 1990 that minor changes were made, such as the installment of the new long-wheel based 4-door model, a drastic facelift, and the electronically controlled injection pump that increased the power of the engine. Furthermore, by utilizing the sub-name, “PRADO”, it quickly gained popularity in the market and joined the ranks of other popular models. uses cookies and other tracking technologies to improve your browsing experience by showing personalized contents, promotions and targeted ads. Learn more

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