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Top Quality Used NISSAN SKYLINE for sale at Good Prices

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Nissan skyline

Nissan Skyline

Production began in 1957 as the main vehicle for FUJI SEIMITSU KOGYO (PRINCE MOTORS LTD). Even after 1966, when PRINCE merged with NISSAN, the model name lived on and production continued for a long time.
The model name comes from “the line that divides the mountains and the sky”. From the 2nd generation S5 to the 10th generation R34, it was used as the flagship model for NISSAN motorsports. The 3rd generation C10 GT-R was a top-class model, specifically produced to win races. Although it stopped at the 4th generation, the steel-faced RS turbo was introduced as the 6th generation model. In the 8th generation, it made a return as the R32.
However, from the 11th generation V35, it was introduced to the market as a high-class sporty sedan.
It received criticisms from customers who expected speed from the brand, saying, “this is not a SKYLINE”.
This was mainly because the V35 was originally developed as a new sedan for INFINITI, but was sold as a SKYLINE brand at the last minute.
During the development of the following model, the V36, “keeping the SKYLINE-feel” was of high priority. In that sense, you can say that the V35 is a very irregular model in the SKYLINE series.