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Honda edix

Honda Edix

Thanks to the Honda Edix, everyday can be your greatest and sweetest escape. Also called the Honda FR-V, the Honda Edix is a compact multi-purpose vehicle first manufactured in the year 2004. It was designed with a 3+3 seating configuration, which is perfect for small to mid-sized families. Aside from being able to accommodate more passengers, the Honda Edix also leaves enough room for extra cargo, making travelling a total bliss. Add to that, the Honda Edix is jam-packed with advanced features, including air conditioning, power steering, electronic brake force distribution and control and handling cruise control. The Honda Edix is also powered by a range of engine types that do not fall short when it comes to generating power and torque. It is available in one diesel-powered engine and three petrol-powered engine, which are able to generate around 125 hp to 140 hp. As a vehicle designed for the family, the Honda Edix is comfort, efficiency and practicality rolled into one.