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Officially starting a YouTube channel: To purchase used cars securely and safely

Officially starting a YouTube channel: Check the vehicle condition with a video before purchasing

Our stock vehicles are posted on the Youtube channel. By shooting a video of not only the exterior and interior but also the inside of the engine room, the user can purchase a used car after understanding the condition of the vehicle correctly. There are some users who said, "I'm worried about buying a car by paying a high price online ...", but they can purchase without any worry.

Not only the video of the vehicle but also the atmosphere of the company is introduced

We sometimes receive comments from overseas customers, for example, "I don't know what kind of person is working at that company because it is sold online and the country is different." In order to cope with anxiety, we also distribute a video called "About Us" with the cooperation of our current staff. We try to introduce our staff and how they work so that our customers can purchase cars safely.

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