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Isuzu journey-bus

Isuzu Journey bus

Isuzu Journey is manufactured by Isuzu Motors Company and its production started in 1984 hence has a dominating presence in the car market. It has a complete bus chassis which incorporates a single deck public and single intercity. It comes with one or two doors and step entrance with low entry floor type. It has 3.75 meters and 4.3 meters wheelbase. Its dimensions composes of; a length of 9.0 meters to 9.8 meters, 2.5 meters width and height of 3.0 meters with 5 speed manual and 5 speed automatic powertrain. Its suspension comprises of front and rear semi elliptical alloy steel leaf springs and hydraulic double acting shock absorber. Its tyre size is 9.5 * 17.5 with a rim size of 6 * 17.5. It can accommodate a maximum of twenty nine passengers. The tough and reliable chassis and the strength of the engine power makes Isuzu Journey Bus your number one choice of bus.