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Isuzu como

Isuzu Como

The Isuzu Como van is not only spacious but offers an incredible performance on different terrains and climate conditions hence making it the perfect choice for local and international commercial and non-commercial institutions. The van is equipped with an YD25DDTi engine which is handy in generating preferable momentum in regards to overall horse power, torque and clean fuel technology for environmental conservation. The Isuzu Como features both an automatic and manual transmission with the all-wheel drive option that maintains smooth driving in uneven terrains. The van’s exterior design makes it wider and longer hence maximizing on its internal space for the optimum seat capacity as well as luggage carrying affinity. The Como van is also equipped with all the necessary interior applications for air conditioning, seat adjustability, all audio options for radio and MP3, power steering, ABS braking system, infotainment among many others. This van is definitely an informed choice for any business entity looking forward to increase its efficiency at low fuel consumption.