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Toyota RAV4 Overview

The Toyota RAV4 is a compact crossover SUV. RAV4 is one of the popular SUV cars made from Toyota.

The RAV4 is now almost 30 years old. It is Toyota's best-selling car in America and the third most popular car in the world. The "RAV" in RAV4 stands for "Recreational Active Vehicle." The "4" refers to its four-wheel-drive capabilities. Over the years, Over the years, Toyota has offered the RAV4 in many configurations. Buyers can look for a tiny two-door model, a convertible version, an all-electric model, and more.

Popular Keywords and specifications for RAV4

Whether you choose to buy a recent RAV4 or save money with an older model, the RAV4 has proven to be one of the most dependable and innovative cars on the market. It was a vehicle that could handle some wear and tear, but was also comfortable and convenient to drive on the road or in the city.

Engine & models

First generation (SXA10G, SXA11G etc.)

The first generation of RAV4s ran from 1994-2001. The original RAV4 was a tiny two-door car with a 3S engine (2.0 liter, 120-horsepower 4-cylinder). Toyota started selling a four-door model starting in 1996, following requests for more space.

As well as its unique construction, the first-generation RAV4 broke new ground in its all-wheel-drive capabilities. Most SUVs at the time required you to manually engage all-wheel drive via a button or lever.

The RAV4's all-wheel-drive, however, was always running. This setup has now become standard in all but the most technical and capable SUVs. An entry-level front-wheel-drive model came on the market starting in 1996, diverging with the name and original intent of the RAV4.

A Range of Models

Because the crossover SUV was new, the Toyota RAV4 designers were free to experiment with many unorthodox models.

Toyota also experimented with a convertible RAV4 designed for warm climates and outdoor activities. The convertible sold poorly and only lasted from 1998-2000.

First-generation RAV4s come in a variety of bright primary colors, from red to green to silver. Their chunky, approachable styling and small size have earned them a cult fan base for their design as well as their reliability.

Second generation (ZCA26W etc.)

By the second generation of RAV4s, Toyota had challengers in the small SUV market. Models such as the Honda CR-V and Subaru Forester threatened to eat into Toyota's market share. For the 2001 all-new RAV4, Toyota focused on making the car longer, wider, and roomier. They were able to keep the car's weight the same thanks to improvements in their construction process.

They also introduced new interior features such as a folding rear seat that could be split, or even removed entirely. This allowed second-generation RAV4s to carry much more cargo than their compact predecessors. This signaled a shift in priorities from a more outdoorsy car to more of a family vehicle.

The design became softer and less angular. This refinement would continue in later generations. However, Toyota kept many of the unique elements of the RAV4, such as the side-opening tailgate.

The second-generation RAV4 also had more unique parts. Where older RAV4s were built on the frames of Corollas and Camry, second-generation RAV4s are largely custom components.

More Power, More Space

Toyota stopped offering the two-door RAV4 in America in the second generation, preferring to court American buyers with increased power and space. However, the two-door model was still available in Europe and Japan.

Second-generation RAV4s also enjoyed a completely overhauled engine. The 2001 model year saw an increase to a 1AZ engine (148-horsepower 2.0-liter four-cylinder). In 2004, this was upgraded to 1ZZ engine (2.4 liters and 161 horsepower).

Toyota continued to make all-wheel-drive available on each RAV4 model.

Toyota also introduced diesel engines into markets such as the UK and Europe. The 2.0-liter diesel engines in these models were roughly as powerful as the gas one's while being more fuel-efficient.

Diesel RAV4s are clearly marked by their distinctive hood scoops, which allow more air to pass through the engine. Their efficiency and longevity make them highly sought out among RAV4 fans.

Third generation (ACA36W, ACA31W etc.)

Power increased again as the four-cylinder engine jumped to 2AZ(178 horsepower and 2.5 liters). In addition, Toyota offered a 3.5-liter V-6 engine as an option for the first time.

At the same time, in 2012, Toyota again ventured into the field of all-electric cars.

The RAV4 EV was almost as powerful as its gas-powered counterparts. It had a lighter weight and 154-horsepower engine.

Toyota RAV4 price

RAV4s hold their value well compared to many cars. However, for paying a little extra, you get an extremely dependable car with generally low operating costs.
Toyota RAV4 pricing depends on the mileage and age of each car. However, there are some trends you can expect to see as you search.

There are several models that are popular in Toyota RAV4.
We will show the FOB price range of popular models.

SXA10G US$ 2,500 - 3,000
SXA11G US$ 2,300 - 3,500
ZCA26W US$ 2,000 - 3,500
ACA31W US$ 3,000 - 5,000
ACA36W US$ 2,800 - 5,000

Common Issues With Used RAV4

Toyota is known for its quality and dependability. The number of first and second-generation RAV4s still on the road speak to how long Toyota vehicles usually last.

However, there are certain model years that can run into issues. The 2007 and 2008 model years can be prone to engine problems. In particular, these models can consume too much oil, forcing drivers to go for frequent oil changes.

The 2001-2003 models have also been cited as having transmission problems. Due to a faulty electronic control module, these models can run into harsh shifting and even transmission failure.

However, compared to most cars on the road, a RAV4 is an extremely reliable machine. Toyota has also extended the warranty on some cars known to have issues, so you may be able to fix your used RAV4 at little or no cost to you.

Popular Usage

The Toyota RAV4 is a four-wheel-drive vehicle.The RAV4 has the high ride and chunky look of a traditional SUV. However, it has an unibody chassis like a car instead of being built on a frame, as most trucks and SUVs are. It is also highly safe.

So, It is comfortable and convenient to drive on the road or in the city.

Rivals of RAV4

Toyota RAV4 have similar cars, these cars have some similar specifications.

The Nissan X-Trail offers more cabin amenities and a large cargo area. However, critics say its engine can feel sluggish, and it is less maneuverable than the RAV4.
The Nissan Dualis is akin to the first-generation RAV-4. It straddles the line between a hatchback and an SUV and is an excellent choice for those without space needs.
The Subaru Forester comes with all-wheel-drive as a standard feature. Despite the name, the RAV4 does not. However, the RAV4 has more cargo space and a higher towing capacity.

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