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Nissan Dualis for Sale: A Comprehensive Guide for International Buyers

From Nissan Type 70 in the 40s to the 2001 Nissan GT-R concept, there’s been some phenomenal innovation around Nissan. Guess what? Since they started in the early 1930s, this brand hasn’t slowed down in wowing its buyers. When Nissan released Qashqai in 2006—with Dualis being its first generation—only an insignificant Thomases were skeptical of its sales prospects.

Today, this amazingly aggressive family beast has taken over the market. With its on-road and off-road capabilities, increased fuel economy, and incredible safety features, dualis endeared itself to many auto enthusiasts. I’m sure, the next time you see a ‘Nissan dualis for sale’ ad, you wouldn’t hesitate a second to make an order.

But how about reading this short guide on Nissan before staking your hard-earned money? I think it’s worth every minute. Let’s dive in.

Most Popular Dualis Models and Engines

Indeed, success has many heirs and Nissan dualis is proud to name its leading well-sold models. Here are a few dualis for sale that you can buy at affordable prices.


J10 was the first concept of Qashqai for sale to come out and was first unveiled in 2004 at the popular Geneva Motor Show. However, it made inroads into the hearts of many auto enthusiasts at the 2006 Paris Motor Show.

All the engines in this generation are popular for their reliability, adequate performance, fuel efficiency, and good refinement. This grumbly model comes in a wide variety of performance engines. It started with the bestseller, all-rounder 1.5-litre dCi diesel that boasts a reasonable reliability record.

After this came the more economical, powerful, decent, but low-mileage 1.6 diesel that features a clean interior. Plus, the 1.6-liter impresses with its aggressive performance off-road, making adventure drivers seek it. Along the lineup, we also have the peppy 2.0-liter petrol engine. With a little punch on its gas pedal, this crazy guy hits the road.

Highlighted features

Transmission: Manual and auto lever
Cooling: Ventilated
Fuel consumption: Highly economical
Front braking system: Disk braking
Range: 1.5, 1.6, 2.0
Fuel type: diesel and petrol
Wheel: Four-wheel drive (4WD)


The KJ10 is another Nissan dualis engine built to imitate the J10 model but with a slightly different feature range and performance level. The 1997cc displacement, clean interior, and many other features account for the engine’s difference in performance.

With a maximum of 137HP at 5200rpm, this guy makes a perfect buy for business and highway rides. Plus, the KJ10 boasts a massive torque of 200Nm at 4400rpm and a weight of 1400kg, making it suitable as a lightweight and speed-oriented vehicle.

What’s more, our KJ10 SUV comes with five doors, allowing passengers to have a seamless alight. As a front-engine, front-wheel (FF) drive car, dualis has a total gear ratio of 6.120 compared to small versions you find in other models.

Highlight features

Seating capacity/Door: 5/5
Weight/Wheelbase: 1400kg/2630mm
Displacement: 1997cc
Maximum horsepower: 137HP @ 5200rpm
Maximum torque: 200m @4400rpm
Driving wheel: FF


Poised by the marketability of Nissan A models, the KNJ10 is another engine you may want to consider. Released in 2010, many KNJ10 Nissan engines are integrated with a continuously variable transmission. This makes operation seamless and the transmission a lot lighter than a typical automatic.

Buyers will also find the KJN10 dualis engine attractive, inline-four feature. This piston engine has a straight-four or four-cylinder layout, featuring one cylinder head and a cylinder located on its power stroke. This small-cylinder engine features in its lineup A10 to A15 with an average displacement range of 1-0 to 1.5l. Unlike the KJ10 counterpart, KNJ10 has a higher final drive gear ratio of 6.466, but the displacements (1997cc) are the same.

The engine also offers an increased fuel economy, thanks to the engine’s durability, quietness and refinement. In addition, the engine is powerful, refined, quiet, durable, and economically cheap in terms of fuel efficiency.

Highlighted features

Displacement: 1.3–2.5 L (79–153 cu in)
Cooling: water-cooled
Torque output: 81 N⋅m; 60 lb-ft Horsepower range: 58hp-91hp
RPM: 4000-6000
Fuel system and type: gasoline and carburetor


The NJ10 2008 dualis for sale is designed in line with Nissan’s love for compactness. This beast comes with an intimidating frame and shell, dwarfing most generations of the X-Trail vehicles. With a multi-link rear, the dualis NJ10’s front suspension features MacPherson struts. It boasts 5 doors, like many of the Qashqai models.

The monster in the NJ10 model further reveals itself with its 2.0-liter petrol engine. This four-cylinder 16-valve monster can produce up to 2000 Nm of torque at 4800 revolutions per minute (rpm) and 103kW of torque at 6000 revolutions per minute (rpm). Isn’t that massive? The NJ10 engine also keeps to the reliability and fuel economy that all dualis models are known for.

Highlighted features

Engine: 1.6 dCi
Maximum horsepower: 131 HP
Fuel efficiency: 5.6 l/100 km
Powertrain: internal combustion
Body type: crossover, SUV
Seating capacity: 7
Torque: 320 Nm @ 1750 rpm

Common Problems of Nissan Dualis

You also need to learn what common problems you may likely face with Nissan Dualis. I use ‘may likely’ deliberately. Most of the issues result from poor maintenance and non-adherence to scheduled service, and basically from design flaws. Nonetheless, you need to know them and take action to get the issue resolved without delay.

Transmission issues

The dualis uses its reliable continuous variable transmission (CVT) but many users have had reasons to complain about the CTV. You may notice that your dualis begins to shudder, jerk or feel hesitant to respond during acceleration.

What to do? Take a trip to the auto care and get it diagnosed and fixed. You may need to repair or replace a few components of the transmission.

Braking System problem

Another common dualis for sale problem is braking failure. Normally, you expect your car to stop or at least slow down seconds after stepping your foot on the brake pedal. A used dualis model may not respond and start to pulse, grind, or squeal when you try to brake.

What to do? Drive to your auto dealer or mechanic. They have the magic repair or replacement wand. Do not do any DIY guesswork.

Suspension failure

You may need to test any used Nissan dualis for sale that you want to buy for issues around suspension. Dualis models have been reported to be prone to suspension failure. You can suspect this if you experience poor handling or a rough ride. Also, strange sounds when you climb over a speed breaker are a sign of failed suspension.

What to do? The procedure is the same. The solution starts with carrying out a scan before repairs or replacement, depending on the severity of the issue.

Users also reported electrical and power steering issues. However, you need a certified professional to troubleshoot, diagnose, and repair. This way, you can be sure of a clear issue and a lasting fix.

Common Usage of Dualis

You’ll also need to ask about the various uses of the different Nissan dualis for sale models.


As a crossover utility vehicle, the Nissan dualis is suitable for business use, thanks to its fuel efficiency. It boasts a fuel economy of 6.6/m2-7.5/m2 on highways and about 9.8/m2 when driving within the city. The car’s clean build and decent design also add to this impressive quality for business owners.


Built as a crossover utility vehicle, the dualis is popular for its massive versatility. The newest model of dualis provides seating space for up to seven family members. The older models can take between 4 to 5 persons, including the driver.


Another reason why buyers are looking for the Nissan dualis is its capacity for all kinds of adventurous rides. You can take a trip with this beast if you’re on-road or off-road. The off-road capacity makes the vehicle a great deal of pleasure when trying out some adventure.

Dualis Rival Models: Comparison

While the Nissan Dualis is one of the aggressive models of the Nissan lineup, it has also a couple of guys to contend without there. In this section, let me highlight a few guys that rival Dualis.

Nissan Dualis vs Nissan X-Trail

First off, dualis is designed to provide a reactionary system against the predictive posture of the regular X-Trail. Although it doesn’t come with the longitudinal and lateral G sensors that X-Trail comprises, Dualis can easily anticipate traction loss without issue. Even without the G sensors, dualis can make a 10.6 meter or more turn as your X-Trail will. Besides, dualis also provides power to the engine at the same or more rate than a regular X-Trail will do.

Comparison chart

Drive train4WD or FWD4WD or FWD
Seating5 seaters5-7 seaters
Fuel economy11.49km/l-15-63km/l12-5 km/l-22-11 km/l
Generation2 (J10, J11)3 (T30, T31, T32)

Dualis vs Qashqai

There are a lot of common similarities between Dualis and Qashqai, but some features stand out the former. First off, Qashqai belongs to the first generation in the Dualis lineup, making it an older model than dualis. While they both have an edgy yet aggressive front view, Dualis is more modern than the conservative Qashqai.

From the interior of Dualis vs. Qashqai, the latter has a better interior. Technology and performance-wise, each has its unique selling point, but Dualis has a start-stop tech that’s better than Qashqai. Plus, the 4WD system of dualis comes in 2WD or OnDemand AWD while Qashqai doesn’t have a 4WD system. In the chart below, I’ve compared dualis vs. Qashqai R9M.

Comparison chart

DualisQashqai R9M
Fuel typeIL4 – Petrol4 Cylinder Diesel
Drive TrainDOHC 16 Valve VVTDI Turbo Diesel
Displacement2.0 liter (1997cc)1.6liter (1598cc)
Claimed Torque102Kw @ 5200 RPM
198Nm @ 4400RPM
96Kw @ 4000RPM
320Nm @ 1750RPM
Transmission6 speed manual or CVT6 speed manual or CVT Auto

Bottom Line

What’s next for you to do? Make an order for your model, but don’t do that without making use of our platform. Investing in used dualis for sale is good but acquiring it from an online platform where small money meets great value is your best bet.

For a second, forget about those common Nissan faults; every car has its problems and design flaw. Scheduled maintenance and service as indicated in the owner’s manual will take care of those issues hassle-free.

The good thing is that the advantage of dualis far outweighs its issues. You wouldn’t want to sacrifice adequate and consistent performance, all-terrain adventure, fuel efficiency for those petty issues. Would you? It’s time to act!