Are you a “Car Dealer” looking for a “Reliable” used car Supplier?

More than 1,600 Dealers / Buyers have partnered with us worldwide! has a business partnership with over 2500 used car dealers, car wholesalers, new car dealers, car rental companies, Bus Companies, taxi companies, training institutes, disassembly centers, brokers and more, which gives us access to thousands of stocks such as Vans, Trucks, Machineries, Farming Vehicles,Left Hand Drive, Vehicles for Handicapped persons and more. We also have membership to the Japanese Car Auction which is exclusive only to Japanese Used Car Companies.

Our staff members regularly visit dealerships all over japan to purchase vehicles to fit our customers' requests. As such, upon your request, we can purchased used cars directly from the new car dealers all across the country.

Basically, we are able to find cars that are scheduled to be put up for auction and purchase them at reasonable prices without paying the auction comission.

If you have specific requests, please register by clicking on the button below and send us your car request.

  • car-auction

    We can buy from the auction for you

    The auction is the major source of used cars for all exporters in Japan, by becoming a “dealer member”, we can purchase on the auction for you with no added fee! the auction has over 140,000 cars listed weekly

  • dealer-partners

    You can access stocks from our Partners

    Our partnerships with local companies such as driving schools, rental companies and more, allows us to buy the vehicles even before they list it for sale to others. These vehicles are very well maintained and in very good condition!

  • toyota-dealer

    See Stocks from Licensed Toyota Dealers

    We also have partnerships with Licensed Toyota Dealers. These stocks are very exclusive and are only allowed to be listed on a very few selected companies, and is one of them!

What kind of vehicles can i expect to find after signing up?

Over our 10 years in the industry, we have formed numerous partnerships throughout Japan and worldwide. Our partners include local companies such as Brokers, Local Second hand car dealers, Taxi Companies, Driving Schools, Rental Car Commpanies, Bus Companies, Licensed Toyota Car Dealers and more!

As a dealer member, you can request a car from us and we can get it for you from our parnter companies with very mimimal cost.

  • Example 1: you can request for a previous “Taxi” car and we can ask our Taxi Company partners whom has taxi cars for sale
  • Example 2: We also have access to the Japanese Car Auction which displays over 140,000 cars for sale every week! Each week is a new set of 140,000 cars. All Kinds of vehicles are available in the Japanese Car auction.You can find Left Hand Drive vehicles such as Mercedes Benz, Porsche, BMW, Volkswagen, Audi, Bentley and other left hand drive cars, you can also find Heavy Machineries such as backhoe, excavator, grader, or Farming Vehicles.

    Only Japanese Companies are allowed to participate in the auction, But as a “dealer member” we can find and advise you on the market price of those vehicles.
  • Signup as a “Dealer member” now and get all these benefits for FREE! All the benefits mentioned above are FREE of charge.

    Why do we provide all these benefits for free? Provided that you are a car dealer, it would mutually benefit the both of our companies since we can provide you these services and low priced stocks and in return that you will be purchasing from us, and since we are the only company with these kinds of benefits, This is a BIG advantage for you!

What’s Next after signing up?

Our Salesteam will be contacting you shortly to further discuss future opportunities, and to take your request to get started. You can tell us your “Maximum Budget” for the vehicle you need and we will try our best to find it for you at the price you specified or give you advice on the market price.

You can now Login to our website as well, you would notice that the previous stock has now increased, This means that you already have access to our partner’s stocks!

To participate in the Car Auction, You can tell our sales team and they would be more than happy to assist you further. Or if you require immidiate assistance, please send us a message on whatsapp at +81-70-3990-8510.