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4 Toyota Vans to Boost Your Business

For many years, Toyota has been a renowned brand for its quality vans at affordable prices, making them ideal for various commercial applications. With a focus on delivering value without compromising on quality, Toyota has consistently met the demands of professionals seeking dependable vehicles for their businesses.

Are you a business owner in need of a reliable, affordable, and spacious vehicle? Follow this guide and discover our 4 recommendations for Toyota vans to enhance your business.


1. Comparison of popular Toyota Van Models (Engine, Price)

2. Toyota Hiace Van

3. Toyota Probox Van

4. Toyota Noah

5. Toyota Alphard

1. Comparison of popular Toyota Van Models (Engine, Price) 

Let’s start by comparing our Toyota vans based on their power, fuel consumption, and price.

Models (Click on each for more details)Engine PowerAverage Fuel ConsumptionAverage Prices (
Toyota Hiace Van65 ~ 143 HP8 ~ 10 km/L$4,700 ~ $9,800
Toyota Probox Van72 ~ 109 HP15 ~ 18 km/L$2,600 ~ $3500
Toyota Noah138 HP14 km/L$2,400 ~ $3,500
Toyota Alphard220 HP12 km/L$2,900 ~ $4,200
Toyota Van Specs

Toyota Hiace Van

Discover the Ultimate Utility in the Hiace Van! Renowned for its durability and adaptability, the Hiace is a versatile choice for businesses and adventurers alike. With its spacious cargo area, robust performance, and customizable configurations (cargo, passenger, camper van conversion, wheelchair accessible, and executive shuttle), it offers unmatched versatility. Advanced safety features ensure peace of mind, while fuel efficiency keeps operational costs low. Whether for commercial use or family adventures, the Hiace delivers on comfort, reliability, and performance, making it the ultimate van for any task. Most popular usage includes Delivery, Passenger Transport, camping car.

High Deck or Low deck ? Low deck vans have cargo areas closer to the ground, facilitating easier loading, while high deck vans offer increased ground clearance and undercarriage protection, suitable for rough terrain.

Toyota Probox Van

The Toyota Probox Van stands as a reliable and practical solution for businesses and individuals alike, renowned for its efficient use of space and fuel economy. Boasting a spacious cargo area within its boxy design, it accommodates various goods and equipment with ease. Its affordability, coupled with Toyota’s reputation for durability, makes it an attractive option for those seeking long-term reliability without breaking the bank. Customizable to suit specific needs and equipped with essential safety features, the Probox Van delivers on versatility and peace of mind, making it a trusted companion for transporting cargo in diverse settings.

Toyota Probox van cargo view

The cargo area typically offers around 1,310mm of space and 400kg of capacity. This provides ample room for transporting goods, equipment, or luggage, making the Probox Van a practical choice for various business and personal needs.

Toyota Noah

The Toyota Noah is a versatile and spacious minivan designed to accommodate families and provide ample comfort for passengers. Boasting a sleek exterior and a functional interior, the Noah combines practicality with style. With its flexible seating configurations and generous cargo space, it’s ideal for both daily commutes and long journeys. Equipped with advanced safety features and reliable performance, the Toyota Noah offers a smooth and enjoyable driving experience, making it a popular choice among those seeking a reliable and comfortable vehicle for their everyday needs.

Toyota Noah Cargo view

The Toyota Noah offers flexible seating for seven to eight passengers, with adjustable seats ensuring comfort. The second and third-row seats can fold flat to maximize cargo space, accommodating larger items or luggage as needed.

Toyota Alphard

The Toyota Alphard is a luxurious and spacious minivan designed for comfort and convenience. Boasting a sleek exterior, refined interior, and advanced technology features, the Alphard offers a smooth and enjoyable driving experience. With ample seating for passengers and flexible configurations, it’s perfect for families or executives seeking a blend of elegance and practicality in their transportation.

Toyota Alphard cargo view

The Toyota Alphard boasts comfortable and versatile seats, with options for luxurious materials like leather upholstery. Its flexible seating configurations easily adapt to accommodate passengers or cargo, with ample interior space for both, including up to eight seats in certain configurations.

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