When is the best timing for Hiace oil change?

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Let’s change it every 5000 km if you want to keep good performance

Engine oil plays an important role in lubricating the engine. It seems that many users are careless, but after a certain period of time, the function of the oil will deteriorate. We need to keep the engine in good condition for a long time by replacing it regularly.

Unless you have troubles, it is very rare for a normal car to have an extremely low oil level. However, oil is still indispensable to the engine, and it is important to be aware of the warning lights on the meter while driving. Also, at least once every six months, open the engine room under the passenger seat and check the engine oil level gauge. We need to check how dirty the oil is and whether it is filled to the specified amount. In some cases, it can lead to early detection of abnormal situations.

Be the way, at the tip of the gauge, the upper and lower limit positions have a difference in oil amount of 1.1 L (normal if the oil level has this amount of gap). In other words, if the oil level is near the lower limit, you can add 1L.

If you don’t like doing that on your own, it’s probably best to bring it to a dealer and change the oil regularly. It would be correct to change the oil. The recommended time for oil change is every 15,000 km by Toyota. However, the dealers who cooperated with us this time recommend replacing it every 5,000 km to keep good performance, and once every year even if you are not using it.

It is safe to use genuine oil. There are several types including 5w-20, but if you use low viscosity oil, you can expect to improve fuel efficiency, so considering the environment, it is highly recommended. We further recommend benzoyl to users who are particular about the grade. In particular, diesel engines have a high cleaning effect on the combustion chamber and provide a smooth rotational feeling. The basic rule is to change oil filters every other time you have your oil changed.

If you ask a dealer, an oil change is about 15 minutes, and if you include filter change, it is about 30 minutes. Oil capacity is 5.5L including the filter (6.3 L and 6.5L for diesel).

If you change the oil yourself, be careful not to over-tighten the drain bolts. Note that hot oil comes out immediately after the engine is stopped.
If you skip the oil change, a large amount of sludge will accumulate on the back of the oil filler cap. If you check when you buy a used car, you can avoid unnecessary issues.
Check the oil level with the level gauge at least 5 minutes after stopping the engine. Also, an oil level warning light is also provided inside the meter.
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