FUSO's Canter, which is extremely popular for driving performance and stability

A standard truck that represents Mitsubishi Fuso, released between 1985 and 1993. It has gained popularity all over the world because of the facilitation of driving and the loading quantity. It has many choices of body length even though it is a standard truck. The slogan at the time of release was "I want you to see my movements" and "I just loaded a future now."


The 5th generation Canter was released. New development, equipped with 130S turbo engine. It was changed from round 4-lamp lights to variant square 2-lamp lights.

  • Before the change
    The 5th generation Canter
  • After the change
    The 4th generation Canter

Canter 15 was redesigned as Canter Guts, further expanding the options for the small-sized cars. (1.5 tons or less)

Canter Guts (FB308B)
  • Before the change
  • After the change
  • After the change

All cars were equipped with power windows as standard equipment, making it possible to set ABS options for the first time in its class.

Power windows
  • Before the change
  • After the change
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Market Price

The lowest price of used Canter starts from FOB: US$2,946!

The average price of the new 5th generation Canter is around US$17,000 to US$21,000. There are differences depending on the grade and type, but some vehicles have less than half the price of used cars. Even if the car has a mileage of over 200,000 km, Canter engine has good performance and lasts a long time, so it can be used without reducing the performance. Used Canter generally has a mileage of about 120,000 to 190,000 km, but the price increases if the mileage is below 100,000 km.

Price list of popular model codes of the new and used car

Updated date:
Model code New car prices Used car prices
FE305BD US$ 17,254 - US$ 20,109 US$ 4,644 - US$ 5,757
FE315BD US$ 17,510 - US$ 21,180 US$ 8,090 - US$ 12,820
FB308B US$ 12,857 - US$ 17,035 US$ 2,520 - US$ 4,130
FE437F US$ 20,600 - US$ 23,697 US$ 5,850 - US$ 8,620
FE435E US$ 19,740 - US$ 23,000 US$ 4,330 - US$ 9,140

In addition, although the distribution volume of AT cars is small, some of them are on the market and the price is slightly cheaper than MT cars. Even if you look at AT Canter in Carused.jp, you can see that it is cheaper than MT. The lowest price starts at FOB: US$3,016 -.

carused.jp can offer a great value because we can sell a car bought at an auction between used car dealers without an intermediate margin and commission.
African countries that export a lot of Canter are relatively loosely regulated, for example, DRC, Malawi, Tanzania, and Uganda can be exported with almost no regulation.
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Compare Models

Canter VS Dyna

TOYOTA Dyna truck is often compared to Canter dump truck.

Dyna vs Canter : Comparison Table of Specification

Model Canter (FE315BD) Dyna (BU66D)
The price of a new car US$ 17,250 - US$ 52,700 US$ 19,200 - US$ 21,080
The price of a used car US$ 7,670 - US$ 8,630 US$ 5,800 - US$ 6,700
Drive style MT
Seats 2 - 3
Body type Dump

TOYOTA Dyna, which has a 1-ton class small size to a medium-sized 8 ton, is a popular truck due to its wide range of product line and TOYOTA's name value.

Since they are in a similar price range, customers who are thinking about purchasing Canter often compare.

However, Canter is popular because of its powerful engine with high environmental performance, safety performance, and fuel efficiency. In the Indonesian market, it has had the top share for over 40 years, and demand from overseas is also very high.

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