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Used car import regulations

What are the import restrictions?

Import regulations vary by country. Countries that need to undergo an inspection test in Japan, countries that need to take an inspection locally, countries that do not need it in particular, countries that have yearly regulations and can only import unused new cars within 5 years from registration, conversely, unless 25 years have passed, some countries cannot be imported.

See below for details.

AreaCountryVehiclesCommercial VehiclesInspection
AfricaDRCNo regulations
KenyaRight steering,
Registration <= 7 years old AND
Manifacture  <= 8 years old,
A year or more delay for registration is not allowed
MauritiusManifacture <= 4 years old   >= 1.5 years oldManifacture <= 6 years oldJAAI/JEVIC
MozambiqueNo regulationsINTERTEK
NigeriaLeft steering,
(15 year-or-more-old Vehicles after Manifacture are not allowed)
South AfricaImportation is not allowed
TanzaniaNo regulations
(Additional tax if 10 years or less passed after its manifacture)
UgandaNo regulationsJEVIC / EAA
ZambiaNo regulationsJEVIC / EAA
EuropeCyprusRegistration <= 5 years oldRegistration <= 4 years old
IrelandNo regulations,
(Tax fee for vehicle registration and road varies based on the amount of CO2 emission)
United KingdomNo Regulation
RussiaRegistratoin >= 3 years old <= 5 years old
All cars need to have automatic emergency device
OceaniaAustraliaImport permission application needed
New Zealand3 digit emissions code,
Electronic stability control (ESC) attached
Fiji3 digit emissions code for LPG&Diesel
Manifacture <= 5 years old
BoliviaManifacture <= 1 years old,
Vehicles with repairation history are not allowed
Manifacture <= 3 years old,
Vehicles with repairation history are not allowed
CanadaManifacture >= 15 years old
ChileImportation is not allowed
Dominican RepublicLeft steering AND,
Manifacture <= 5 years old
JamaicaPassenger car:Manifacture <= 5 years
SUV:Manifacture <= 6 years
Small commercial: Manifacture <= 6years old
Bus: Manifacture <= 30 years old >= 12 years old
Truck:<= 20 years old >= 15 years
(depending on tonage)
PeruManifacture <= 5 years old AND,
Mileage <= 80,000km
Manifacture <= 5 years old AND,
Mileage <= 90,000km
SurinameManifacture <= 8 years oldBus <= 15 years old
TrinidadManifacture <= 6 years old
Asia &Middle EastBangladeshRight steering AND,
Manifacture <= 5 years old
1250-2000cc taxi
Registratoin<= 3 years old
IndiaImportation is not allowed
KazakhstanLeft steering
MalaysiaFirst Registratoin >= 1 years old <= 4 years old
MongolNo regulations
(No tax for cars for Manifacture <= 10 years old)
MyanmarImportation is not allowed
PakistanOnly for private use
Saudi ArabiaLeft steering
Sri LankaRegistration <= 3 years oldSmall commercial: Registration <= 4 years old
Big commercial: Registration <= 5 years old
JAAI/JEVIC/Bureau Veritas
ThailandImportation is not allowed
UAELeft steering
VietnamLeft steering
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