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Use your Car AC More Efficiently in Hot Weather!

When it feels like a billion degrees outside and it seems like the road can melt your shoes, you’d just wish that it could snow a bit so you can enjoy some cool air. Thankfully, you can get inside your vehicle and turn on the air conditioning, letting you enjoy cool air even on the go.

Air conditioning may be one of the most important features of your vehicle, especially when rolling down your windows just isn’t enough. However, do you know how to properly use your car’s air conditioning system? Keep in mind that when you use it carelessly, you can bring excessive stress to your engine and even reduce fuel mileage. So, before you bring your AC’s power to the highest level, make sure you check out these tips. We’ve put together a guide that will help you use your car AC more efficiently.

First Things First…

The first thing you have to do is lessen the AC system’s work by parking your vehicle in a shaded area. It may be difficult to find one all the time, especially when you are driving into a huge parking lot. However, it is always best to try and find a way to park your vehicle in the shade.

It would also help if you identify where the shade will be near a tree or building at a certain time of the day. If you notice that the last available parking spot gets a lot of sunshine, it is likely that the area will be shady in the afternoon. Spot that area and park your vehicle there once you get to work.

Your car may get hot during the day. However, in the afternoon, the shade will cool it down. So, when it is time to leave the office, you won’t be driving an oven on wheels. If you are going to park in a wide-open area, you can pull the windshield shaded to cover the windows of your car. Doing so will lower the greenhouse effect inside your vehicle.

Roll Down the Windows

There is a way to quickly cool down your car without cranking the air conditioning system all the way up. Once you get inside your car or used truck, roll all four windows down, then start driving. You wouldn’t have to go faster than 10 or 15 miles per hour just to let fresh air circulate inside your car. Just drive for a bit that way to force the hot, stagnant air out.

Turn On the AC, but Set it to Low

Have you experienced getting abruptly woken up while you are sound asleep at night? Annoying, right? Well, your AC system does not want that either. It can be straining for it to render its full power whenever you switch it on. So, it is best to set it to low first, then increase the level a few minutes later. If your air conditioning system is automatic, make sure that it will start in Low mode. It will gradually pick up speed as you drive on.

Avoid Immediately Shutting Off the Air Conditioning System

One of the most common mistakes that drivers make is abruptly turning their engine off without shutting down their air conditioning first. This is the primary reason why bacteria and moss build up on the evaporator and other parts of a vehicle. It is worth noting that after driving some miles with the AC on, your evaporator might be near ice cold. If you do not dry it out properly, it might cause condensation that can collect a puddle of water under your vehicle. So, before turning off your car, you should turn off the air conditioning first and leave the fan running at an intermediate speed to dry out the evaporator.

Whether you’re driving a brand-new car or a used truck, our tips will definitely help you use your air conditioning system more efficiently. Make sure you check out our article about car radiator maintenance tips to keep your vehicle in its optimum condition!

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