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Toyota Harrier vs. X-Trail : SUV Comparison

Ah, SUVs! A popular symbol of status, luxury, and prestige. But behind the glam, SUVs also offer spacious interiors, versatility, and an ability to shuffle through rough terrains—a major advantage in most parts of Africa. However, deciding which SUV to buy can quickly become tricky for an uninformed vehicle enthusiast.

For instance, Toyota and Nissan, two of the largest multinational automobile companies in Japan, have several SUVs in their catalog. The Toyota Harrier and the Nissan X-Trail have, for years, appealed to a wide range of customers. But the argument remains: which of these vehicles is the champion of the roads?

While we can’t decide that for you, we can arm you with just enough information about both to help you make the right decision!

Difference between the Toyota Harrier and Nissan X-Trail

Both Toyota and Nissan are known for producing high-quality, reliable vehicles that are built to last. You can rest assured that whether you’re getting brand new or Japanese used cars from these manufacturers, you’ll be getting value for your every penny! That said, how do the Harrier and X-Trail differ in their make?

Toyota Harrier ZSU60W

Since 2013, the focus of the Toyota Harrier has been on creating a sense of energy and movement. This look was achieved through the forward-leaning quarter pillars, horizontally accented styling, long front overhang, and short rear overhangs.

Meanwhile, the dramatic curve of the bumpers, chiseled front face, and low-profile rear bumper create an impression of speed and agility. Toyota didn’t skimp on the solidity associated with SUVs either, given the vehicle’s LED lamps and contoured wheel flares.

If you thought the exterior of the Toyota Harrier for sale was impressive, wait until you experience the expertise that went into its interior! With padded surface, accented stitching, and wood grain ornamentation, the company seems to have been showing off stellar craftsmanship. Additionally, the touch-sensitive controls on the center cluster, softly-curved door handles, and embossed trims are indicative of commendable attention to detail.

Meanwhile, safety and convenience are non-negotiable in the Toyota Harrier for sale. To begin with, the vehicle cabin is designed with sound-proof materials, shutting you out of the noisy world outside. The vehicle also boasts standout features like Frequency Adaptive Damping (FAD) shock absorbers, wireless charging, multi-information display, Panoramic View Monitor, Lane Departure Alert, Pre-collision System, Intelligent Clearance Sonar, and Drive-start Control, among several other standard features.

The SUV has been widely accepted in countries like Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, and South Africa. You can expect to find different models of a Japanese used Toyota Harrier for sale at prices starting from $7,200 (FOB).

Nissan X-Trail T32

The Nissan X-Trail has been in production since as early as 2000. However, the third generation marked a shift from the boxy look of past SUV models in 2013 to a more urban crossover SUV design. This shift was inspired by the success of some other crossover releases like the Nissan Murano, Nissan Juke, and Nissan Qashqai.

The X-Trail strikes the perfect balance between bold lines and elegant curves, achieving a look that exudes both power and style. Some Nissan signature cues like the boomerang rear lights and the characteristic D-pillar shape add further allure to the vehicle’s exterior.

Stepping into the Nissan X-Trail for sale, you’re sure to be greeted by a combination of chrome, geometric metallic accents, and piano black finishes. The vehicle offers a spacious interior, extra storage compartments, and theatre-style seating, allowing good visibility for every passenger. Meanwhile, passengers don’t have to sweat it as the rear seat door opens to almost 80 degrees. The middle row seat of the X-Trail can recline and slide, and on some trims, the third row can be folded flat to provide more cargo space.

The Nissan X-Trail for sale prioritizes occupant safety with the Nissan Safety Shield system. This advanced driver-assistance system incorporates various features to prevent accidents or mitigate their severity. Passengers will enjoy smartphone connectivity, Google integration, Bluetooth audio streaming, and mobile phone integration.

The X-Trail offers a remote-operated power tailgate, a series of standard systems as well as signature Nissan innovations like Active Ride Control, Active Engine Brake, and Active Trace Control. One will often find this SUV cruising the roads of highbrow areas in Nigeria, Ghana, and South Africa. Models of the Nissan X-Trail for sale can often be as low as starting around $4,300 (FOB) in the Japanese used cars market.

Performance and Engine Specifications

Want to catch the differences between both vehicles at a glance? The table below helps you do just that!

CriteriaToyota Harrier ZSU60WNissan X-Trail T32
Manufacturing Year20132013
Dimensions (L × W × H)4,725mm × 1,835mm × 1,690mm4,643mm × 1,820mm × 1,695mm
Weight1,610kg1,505kg – 1,740kg
Type of VehicleSUVSUV
Engine Capacity1,986cc1,598cc – 1,995cc
Engine Power (HP)151 horsepower129 – 175 horsepower
Engine RPM6,100RPM3,500RPM – 5,600RPM
Top Speed180km/h180km/h – 200km/h
Fuel TypeGasolineGasoline/Diesel
Fuel Capacity60 litres60 litres
Fuel Efficiency16.1km/L15.6km/L – 20.4km/L
Transmission TypeCVT(ContinuouslyVariable Transmission)Manual/CVT/DCT
Average Price (Used)$7,200 ~ $8,500 (FOB)$4,300 – $8,900 (FOB)

N.B.: For the Toyota Harrier, the third-generation ZSU60W (2013 – 2020) model was used. And for the Nissan X-Trail, the third-generation T32 (2013 – 2022) model was used.

Popular Use

SUVs are the right mix of power and style. Perhaps it is this versatility that has made them so popular for carrying out several activities.

  • Family Transportation: The Harrier and X-Trail are very commonly used for family transportation. They offer plenty of space for passengers and cargo and even have features like third-row seating, sunroofs, and built-in entertainment systems. By purchasing either of them, you can be assured of the convenience and happiness of every passenger.
  • Adventures: If you love getting out and exploring, then a Toyota Harrier or a Nissan X-Trail for sale might be your perfect companion. These vehicles boast all-wheel drive, which means they can handle off-road conditions and navigate tricky terrains like gravel roads, snowy paths, or even light trails. More so, the higher ground clearance compared to a sedan allows you to easily drive over obstacles and uneven surfaces. And with all that cargo space? There’s no telling how far you can go!
  • Towing & Hauling: Perhaps you have a boat, trailer, or other heavy equipment that needs towing, either the X-Trail or the Toyota Harrier for sale is up to the challenge. Their sheer power, cargo space, and towing capacity make them perfect for those who enjoy outdoor activities that involve hauling gear.
  • Business & Professional Use: Given the prestige associated with these vehicles, they are often used by professionals and business owners to make a strong impression. They could also be used for transporting top clients or executives.
  • Long Distance Travel: Finally, the Harrier and the X-Trail are perfect for long travels as they both offer a comfortable ride with ample space for passengers and luggage. More so, they have an impressive fuel economy, meaning you won’t be spending too much on fuel.


As promised, you now have enough information to make the more suitable choice between the Toyota Harrier and the Nissan X-Trail. For those who wouldn’t mind spending a little more to land their dream car, the Harrier might be the better option, with its stylish exterior, classy interior, and reliable security system. However, if you’re after a more affordable option that gives you value for your money, the Nissan X-Trail is the choicest SUV for you. With this, we hope the argument has been laid to rest!

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