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Which Hiace van / Hiace Minivan should you buy, petrol or diesel?

When choosing a hiace van / hiace minibus, the first thing to consider is Fuel Type!

The fuel cost is definitely cheaper for diesel, so considering the daily expenses, diesel is highly recommended!

 However, there are many people who want a gasoline car because it has a better durability in the long run = it is more cost effective overall!

Should you choose a gasoline car or a diesel car? Depending on that, the model code is also different!

Fuel Type clarifies the features, advantages, and disadvantages of gasoline and diesel vehicles, as well as the fuel type for each model in Hiace Van!

Characteristics of gasoline vehicles and three advantages of buying the one

A gasoline vehicle is a vehicle that burns regular gasoline or high-octane gasoline and uses its power to drive the engine.

hiace van / hiace minibus Gasoline cars, the greatest selling point is the low price!

Since it has a simple construction and lighter in weight than others, it is also an advantage that the manufacturing cost can be reduced.

In addition, NA vehicles (naturally aspirated engine vehicles) are also characterized by low maintenance costs, such as less frequent engine oil changes.

On the other hand, regular gasoline and high-octane gasoline, which are fuel for diesel vehicles, are more expensive and cost more than diesel oil. Especially, a car equipped with a high-performance engine uses high-octane gasoline, so the fuel cost is high, which is a disadvantage. In addition, gasoline vehicles generally do not have the good fuel economy.

However, there is a well-established reputation for “durability”, and it is generally said that gasoline cars last longer, so many people often can’t decide if they are better compared to the low cost of Hiace diesel fuel!

In addition, let’s look at two advantages of the Hiace gasoline car!

  1. Less vibration and noise than diesel vehicles
    Diesel cars do not have spark plugs themselves, and when fuel and air are compressed to high temperature and pressure, diesel fuel is injected to ignite automatically. At this time, loud noise and vibration are generated. On the other hand, in a gasoline engine, the spark plug emits a spark when the fuel and air are mixed and burned to start the engine, so it is quiet.
  1. Excellent high rotation and fast-burning velocity
    By rotating the engine at high speed, it can efficiently convert the energy of combustion into power. This is also the reason why many sports cars are equipped with gasoline engines.

 VAN200 series gasoline model code list

Engine displacementRoof shapeDrive systemModel codeEngine model code
2000ccHigh roof2WDTRH200K1TR
2000ccStandard roof2WDTRH200V1TR
2700ccWide・middle roof2WDTRH211K2TR
2700ccWide・middle roof4WDTRH216K2TR
2700ccWide・high roof2WDTRH221K2TR
2700ccWide・high roof4WDTRH226K2TR

VAN100 series gasoline model code list

Engine displacementLength of car bodyRoof shapeDrive systemModel codeEngine model code
2000ccSuper longHigh roof2WDRZH182K
2000ccSuper longHigh roof2WDTRH122K
2000ccLongHigh roof2WDRZH112K
2000ccLongHigh roof2WDTRH112K
2400ccSuper long※1High roof2WDRZH133S2RZ
2400ccSuper long※2High roof2WDRZH183K2RZ

What kind of car is a Hiace diesel car? Introducing three advantages

Diesel vehicles are often used as trucks and buses. The unique sound and vibration are different from the rest. As we mentioned in the merits of gasoline vehicles, it has a loud noise due to the characteristics of the engine. This characteristic seems to be a demerit, but it is actually merit. Let’s take a look at the three advantages of the Hiace diesel car.


  1. Fuel cost is reasonable because diesel oil is used
    Diesel oil is cheaper than regular gasoline and high-octane gasoline. Like gasoline, it is easy to refuel, and the price is low, which is a great advantage in terms of maintenance costs.
  2.  High low-speed torque and acceleration power
    When fuel and air are compressed to be a high temperature and pressure, diesel fuel is injected to ignite automatically. Although it has the disadvantages of sound and vibration, it can also be a merit of high engine generating strong power and high torque. Because it has power, it is also good at accelerating and starting on slopes.
  1. Better fuel economy than gasoline cars
    If installed under the same conditions, diesel engine vehicles have the advantages of less fuel consumption and better fuel economy than gasoline vehicles. The structure is also characterized by the fact that the engine itself is durable.

Speaking of diesel vehicles, however, the problem is that nitrogen oxides and air pollutant gases are easily emitted because the engine burns by spontaneously ignite. In addition, diesel engines require strength to achieve high compression ratios and accuracy for fuel injection, which has the disadvantage of increasing vehicle body manufacturing costs.

Compared to gasoline vehicles, engine oil needs to change more frequently. Also, there may be people who are distracted by the sound and vibration peculiar to diesel engines.

200 series (models after 2004) diesel model code list

All Hiace stock

Engine displacementRoof shapeDrive systemModel codeEngine model code
2500ccHigh roof2WDKDH200K2KD
2500ccStandard roof2WDKDH200V2KD
2500ccStandard roof4WDKDH205K2KD
2500ccStandard roof4WDKDH205V2KD
2500ccWide・high roof2WDKDH220K2KD
2500ccWide・high roof4WDKDH225K2KD
3000ccHigh roof2WDKDH201K1KD
3000ccStandard roof2WDKDH201V1KD
3000ccStandard roof4WDKDH206K1KD
3000ccWide・high roof2WDKDH221K1KD
3000ccWide・middle roof2WDKDH211K1KD

VAN100 series diesel model code list

Engine displacementRoof shapeDrive systemModel codeEngine model code
2800ccLongHigh roof2WDLH113K3L
2800ccSuper longHigh roof2WDLH123V3L
2800ccSuper longHigh roof4WDLH129V3L
3000ccLongHigh roof2WDLH172K5L
3000ccSuper longHigh roof2WDLH182K5L
3000ccSuper longHigh roof4WDLH188K5L

Summary: After all, if you want to buy Hiace, which one should you choose for fuel type? petrol or diesel?

The fuel cost is definitely cheaper for diesel, so considering the daily cost, diesel is highly recommended!

However, there are many people who want a gasoline car because it lasts longer in the long run = it is highly cost-effective overall! In particular, depending on countries, tax can vary for diesel and petrol, so please check it out.

In this way, how to make the best use of gasoline vehicles and diesel vehicles differ depends on the purpose and in which country Hiace is used.

The traveling environment as well as the traveling distance can vary according to a country. The point is how much you can spend on maintenance and fuel. It is best to choose a car after carefully considering how you want to use Hiace.

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