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Essential Tips for Protecting your Car’s Interior

Most car owners obsess over the appearance of their vehicle’s body. However, what many do not realize is that cleaning and protecting the interior of a car will extend its life and keep it looking ‘new’ for a long time. Over time, the daily wear and tear can wreak havoc inside our vehicle. Thankfully, there are some things you can do to achieve the ‘showroom shine’ you see when you look at Japanese cars for sale. Keep on reading this article to learn some essential car maintenance tips!

Keeping Things Organized

Random trash and dirt can start to accumulate when you do not properly address them. Needless to say, these elements are the biggest enemies of your clean car interior. Sand can get on your floors when you spend a day at the beach. Food and wrappers can litter the seats and floors after a trip at the drive-through. So, it is important to regularly collect the trash and vacuum your car’s interior.

It will also be helpful if you have a designated trash bag inside your vehicle. Every few weeks, take the time to wipe down the surfaces and vacuum the floors. This will help you avoid getting stubborn stains that may be difficult to remove later on. We also recommend keeping a rag and a cleaning fluid in a storage bin or under your seat. These items are especially useful when you are driving with kids who love to eat inside the car.

Protect your Seats

Spills are considered ‘accidents’ because they unintentionally occur. However, you can protect your fabric seats from damages even before the accident occurs. You can ask a professional detailer to use an aftermarket fabric protector like Scotchgard. When this product is applied on the cloth surface, the spill will not get absorbed by the fabric, preventing stains. If you have carpeted floors, it is recommended to protect it with Scotchgard Carpet Protector to keep dirt, mud, grime, and sand at bay.

Sun Shades for the Windshields

The sun’s UV rays and heat can be damaging to your car’s interior. As we all know, ultraviolet light causes premature aging. So, seats and plastic surfaces exposed to the sun will wear out faster. What’s more, the heat can strain your air conditioning system. Who would want to sit inside a toasty car without the AC in full power?
Keep in mind that the temperature inside your vehicle can almost be twice as high as the temperature outside. So, if it is directly sitting under the sun, you must ensure that direct entry points of the light must have enough shade. So, make sure you get sun shades that are specifically designed for the windshield and windows of cars. This way, you can ensure maximum protection.

Park in a Shaded Area

Of course, if you can find a shaded area, it would be ideal to park your car there. This would help lower the temperature in your car throughout the day. So, it will be ideal to identify where the shade will be near a building or a tree at a specific time of the day. If you’re driving into a lot in the morning and you notice a spot that gets a lot of sun, it is likely that this area will be shady in the afternoon. Your car may get hot in the morning, but it will cool down later in the day. So, when it is time to leave the office, you wouldn’t be driving inside a toasty car.

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