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Toyota Wish vs. Toyota Sienta: Which One is the Best?

If you’re an analytical decision-maker, Japanese used cars are sure to pique your fancy. Among these, the Toyota Wish and Toyota Sienta are two top-tier vehicles that share a range of excellent qualities, functionality and practicality. Users of these cars enjoy luxuries such as space and comfort—especially for large groups or families. It’s no wonder why several African countries have upped their demand for the Toyota Sienta and Toyota Wish for sale.

Both cars are so similar that only more seasoned car enthusiasts may differentiate easily. So, given that you may have a hard time choosing which to go for between the Toyota Wish or the Toyota Sienta for sale, we’ve made this article to help you.

Differences Between Wish and Sienta

From a distance, the Wish and Sienta may seem like twins. But on a closer look at their exterior and interior features, their differences become more apparent. 

Toyota Wish

This 5-door vehicle may just be what you need for your long-planned family road trip. The headlights and taillights are masterfully mounted, fitting the shapes perfectly, and giving the car an athletic, boxy appearance. The power assist equipped rack and pinion wheels are created to fit this athletic and aesthetic feel and ensure that your ride maintains that sporty demeanor. Colour-wise, this car appears in different standard and optional colors. 

Toyota Wish maximizes passenger size and comfort, offering a seven-seater interior that satisfies both variables. Though some models come in six-seaters, it is more of your preference – more passengers or more comfort. The three rows are telling of its carriage purpose. More so, the last two rows are foldable to contain more cargo.

The Toyota Wish offers a standard safety feature with a sleek dashboard, functional airbags and Antilock Braking Systems (ABS). The car is also equipped with a standard Electronic Brakeforce Distribution (EBD). A remote keyless entry ensures that convenience is also present. Its abundant storage space and integrated infotainment system reflect style and allure, coupled with a standard full auto air conditioner to keep you cool as you commute.

The most in-demand models of the Toyota Wish for sale are from the first generation. Popular importers of this car include Uganda, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Zambia, Burundi and South Africa. You can expect to find a Toyota Wish for sale at a starting price of $800 (FOB).

Toyota Sienta

This car is perfect for business and family use, especially if traveling with plenty of luggage is your thing. The foldable 2nd and 3rd rows ensure that in extreme cases, you can accommodate more luggage, and if that isn’t enough, the high roof is big enough to accommodate more. One noticeable difference between the Sienta and Wish is the presence of a Halogen light for the Sienta. This upright-looking car is available in a range of standard colors to pick from.

The Toyota Sienta features beauty in simplicity. It is a seven-seater MPV with three rows. The rear-hinged rear doors just mean that even if you’re parked in between vehicles, it can still be easily opened and closed. The car is spacious enough to offer passengers enough headroom and legroom, emphasizing convenience and comfort.

The MPV comes affixed with a 12v auxiliary power outlet. So if keeping warm through a cigarette is your deal, or you’d prefer to power your small devices, or both, this car is a perfect fit. An Antilock Braking System (ABS) and Electronic Brakeforce Distribution (EBD) are also present in the Sienta. In case of, say, an unlikely fender bender, the front airbags for the driver and passenger will take control; but make sure the passengers at the back are well protected with the beige seat belts in the car.

The first generation of Sienta models are popularly demanded options of the Toyota Sienta for sale. These versions can easily be found exploring terrains in Kenya, South Africa, Tanzania, Mozambique and Malawi. The starting price of a Toyota Sienta for sale is $900 (FOB).

Performance and Engine Specifications

Check this table to get a more detailed understanding of the engine specs and differences between the Wish and Sienta.

CriteriaToyota WishToyota Sienta 
Manufacturing YearJanuary 2003September 2003
Dimensions (L × W × H)Varies by year. (Typically 4600mm × 1695mm × 1600mm)Varies by year. (Typically 4100mm × 1695mm × 1670mm)
WeightAbout 1380kgAbout 1210kg
Type of VehicleCompact MPVMini MPV
Engine Capacity1,794cc1,496cc
Engine Power (HP)132 – 155 horsepower110 horsepower
Engine RPM6,000RPM6,000RPM
Top Speed180km/h160km/h
Fuel TypeGasolineGasoline
Fuel Capacity55 – 60 liters40 – 42 liters
Fuel EfficiencyBetween 14.0km/L to 16.0km/LBetween 20.2km/L to 25.0km/L
Transmission TypeContinuously Variable Transmission (CVT)Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT)
Average Price (Used)$800 – $1,700 (FOB)$900 – $1,330 (FOB)

N.B.: For the Toyota Wish, the First Generation ZNE10G/ANE10G/ANE11W (2003 – 2009) models were used. While for the Toyota Sienta, the First Generation XP80 (2003 – 2010) model was used.

Popular Use

The Toyota Wish and Sienta serve numerous purposes to their users, which keeps them unique and in demand.

  • Business Use: Toyota Wish and Sienta are perfect for business use. Given their adequate space and ability to carry a sizable amount of cargo, they can be used for deliveries, shuttle services, or other transport operations for a price.
  • Family Transportation: Family transportation is quite the norm in African countries, especially with the system of extended families. Having a car with spacious interiors like the Toyota Wish and Toyota Sienta for sale is perfect for such family trips, and would certainly make a good buy.
  • Carpooling: Saving costs on transport is never better than when it can be done comfortably. The Wish and Sienta allow convenient carpooling, using their spacious interior and multiple seats to your advantage.
  • Public Transportation: If taxi-ing is something you consider, then checking out a Toyota Wish for sale or Sienta is the best choice to make. Using any of the options means that you’ll be able to carry a sizable number of passengers at every run.


Choosing between the Wish and Sienta will inevitably come down to variables such as preference, and price. Among 6-7-seat minivans, the Toyota Wish and Toyota Sienta are exceptional models that will easily satisfy your needs. The decision ultimately lies with you, but if you need guidance in making a choice between a Wish or a Toyota Sienta for sale, use the details of this article to make the most satisfying choice.

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