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Top Tips for Prolonging the Life of Your Engine

It can be terrifying to see the Check Engine Light illuminating on your dashboard. It can be a hazardous problem that can be expensive to fix. When you come to this point, you will probably wish that you have taken better care of your engine. Well, regular maintenance is the key to ensuring a longer lifespan for your engine. So, aside from avoiding the big engine no-no’s, you should also follow our tips below for caring for the heart of your vehicle.

Tip 1: Keep the Engine Clean

Whether you own a used car from Japan or a brand-new vehicle, the engine still plays a crucial role in your car. Without it, your vehicle will not be able to get very far at all. As such, you need to ensure that your engine is free of dust, debris, and grime. Over time, the filters can get clogged, insects can find their way under the hood, and leaves and dirt can get in your vehicle. Once your engine is covered with grease, it can easily trap heat.

Tip 2: Get a Spark Plug Service

Spark plugs can get dirty too, especially on a Toyota HiAce engine that is used for commercial applications. So, from time to time, you need to clean them to keep the grime out of the combustion chamber. You can clean them yourself, but you can always have a mechanic do it for you. They will remove the plug lead, clean the area around it, detach the plug, then use a brush and a special cleaner to get rid of any dirt, buildup or dust. This may seem like a minor maintenance task, but it can go far in terms of improving the overall performance of your engine.

Tip 3: Lubricate Adequately

It is essential to remember that the engine has several moving parts. So, you must always remember to properly lubricate the components. If you skip this maintenance step, the friction on these moving pieces will cause damage. In some cases, the damage can be irreparable, prompting you to replace one or more components before you can get your engine to function smoothly again.

When you bring your car to an automotive shop, your mechanic will adequately lubricate the crankshaft, cylinder walls, and piston rings. Make sure that they check the seals in certain areas of the engine as well.

Tip 4: Remember to Get an Oil Change Service Regularly

An oil change service does not take a lot of time, and yet many tend to put it aside until they realize that it’s too late. Getting this service can improve the performance of your engine significantly. Keep in mind that your oil can get murky, cloudy, and sticky over time. So, once every six months or 10,000 miles, you must get your oil checked and changed, ensuring that your vehicle is in great condition. If you are not certain as to when you need to get your oil changed, we suggest you refer to the owner’s manual.

If you see the early signs of engine trouble, your best option is to schedule an appointment with your mechanic. The longer you ignore the engine issue, the more damage it will cause. In some cases, the problem only requires a simple fix. However, if you continue to put off the repair service, you might end up dealing with costly replacements.

These are just some tips you can apply to your used car from Japan. If you want to learn more about car maintenance and other information about importing pre-owned vehicles, feel free to browse through our blog.

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