You are currently viewing Thorough comparison of Hiace and Caravan! Explain the differences based on specifications and features 

Thorough comparison of Hiace and Caravan! Explain the differences based on specifications and features 

When you think of commercial vehicles, what kind of vehicle do you think of?

Hiace (Toyota Hiace van) and Caravan (Nissan Caravan van) are first on the list of commercial vehicles that many people know. They are competing with each other as rival cars, but many people might not understand the differences due to the similar style.

Therefore, this time we will compare in detail the differences between Hiace and Caravan in terms of specifications and features. If you cannot decide whether to buy Hiace or Caravan, please check this out.

Are the specifications of Hiace and Caravan very similar?

Both Hiace and Caravan are often used for commercial purposes, and the van type shape is impressive. At first glance, the styles are similar, but what are the differences in specifications? Let’s check the specifications of the standard grade “Hiace Van DX” and “Caravan Long Body”.

Hiace Van DX StandardCaravan Van long body standard
Car body sizeTotal Length 4695 x Total Width 1695 x Total Height 1980 mmTotal Length 4695 x Total Width 1695 x Total Height 1990 mm
Trunk dimensionsTotal Length 3000 x Total Width 1545 x Total Height 1335 mmTotal Length 3050 x Total Width 1545 x Total Height 1350 mm
Vehicle weight1970kg1940kg~
Total displacement1998cc1998cc
Fuel efficiencyJC08 mode:12.2km/LJC08 mode:11.4km/L~
Riding capacity3~6 people3~6 peolpe

Hiace and Caravan have lineups such as Hiace wagon and caravan wagon of a wagon in addition to van. Although the specifications differ by model, the differences in specifications are not significant when comparing the same types. The car body and trunk size differ by a few mm, so there will be no big difference in usability.

Characteristics of Hiace

First, we will introduce the features of Hiace manufactured by Toyota.

Hiace is an overwhelmingly popular commercial van in the world.

It is a popular car model that has the highest rate of a stolen vehicle in Japan.

Many people think that purchasing a commercial vehicle = Hiace.

Toyota is highly evaluated for its safety and durability. Let’s check the main features.

  • You can drive with confidence due to Toyota’s high durability and reliabilityToyota is a famous automobile manufacturer in the world car market, and its durability and reliability is gaining a high reputation. Manufactured in all usage environments and subjected to a thorough durability test, it became a tough car that doesn’t break down. Hiace’s durability also comes with a high guarantee, supporting business globally.
  • Prevents accidents by installing three advanced safety functionsHiace is equipped with the “Toyota Safety Sense”, a collision-avoidance package to prevent accidents. The three main functions are pre-crash safety, lane departure alert, and automatic high beam.

With automatic braking that detects cars and pedestrians and high-beam visibility to ensure visibility, you can safely drive during busy days and nights when visibility is poor.

  • High brand power and aim for high resale valueHiace has a history of more than 15 years and has been one of the overwhelmingly popular and top commercial vehicles in the world. With a high reputation for durability and safety performance, Toyota has world-class brand power and tends to have a high resale value. When you want to replace commercial vehicles or upgrade grades, you can aim for high resale value, which is useful for your business.

comparison hiace


Characteristics of Caravan

The great point of Caravan is the low price as a used car! The most important feature is that the price is cheaper than Hiace with the same specifications.

In addition, after Hiace is sold, Nissan started to sell it to differentiate it. Please pay attention to the features while looking at the differences from Hiace.

  • Full of advanced safety equipment to prevent accidents
    Caravan is equipped with an intelligent around-view monitor and an intelligent emergency brake.The Intelligent Around Monitor is a function that displays all directions on the rear-view mirror display. You can park safely even when you are loading and unloading luggage in tight spaces.After Intelligent emergency braking detects the distance to the preceding vehicle, it activates warning and automatic braking. Accidents can be prevented even when it is difficult to ensure safety such as driving at night.
  • As the best Van in 4 number class, it is convenient for transporting cargoes with a wide trunk space
    It has the largest trunk in the 4 number class van and is useful for carrying cargoes and work tools. Not only cargoes such as cardboard, but also stepladders, pipes, and tools, etc. can be easily loaded.The 5: 5 split reclining seats allow you to expand the trunk to suit your luggage. If you recline the seats on the door side, you can unload luggage from the front and back, reducing the trouble of loading and unloading.
  • Equipped with “Luggage Utility Nut” that can arrange the trunk according to the luggageInside the van type vehicle, a luggage utility nut that can be attached with a bar or a hook is mounted on the surface. You can arrange a trunk by installing a bar on the ceiling to utilize the space above, or by attaching a belt to fix luggage.

It can be removed when not in use, so you can change the trunk to the optimum shape according to the work and use application of the day.

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Compare the main points of difference between Hiace and Caravan

Let’s compare the differences based on the characteristics of Hiace and Caravan. The three main comparison points are safety performance, trunk, and lineup.

  • Advanced safety performanceThere is a difference in advanced safety performance between Hiace and Caravan. Hiace specializes in the function of preventing collisions in advance and is also equipped with an automatic high beam that ensures visibility.On the other hand, in addition to avoiding collisions, Caravan also secures an omnidirectional view with an intelligent around monitor. For those who often park in narrow residential roads, Caravan will be safer.
  • TrunkComparing the trunk of Hiace and Caravan, Caravan has wider space and standardize on all cars with a low floor. Even in the range of arrangements using the luggage utility nut, Caravan can handle various scenes.Hiace trunk is spacious and well-comforted. It is easier to load and unload luggage and move inside the car by reclining rear seat and having a walk-through that makes it easy to move from the driver’s seat to the passenger seat.
  • Lineup Compare Hiace and Caravan lineups.


  • Van
  • Wagon
  • Commuter
  • Van
  • Van Widebody
  • Wagon
  • Microbus
  • Specially‐equipped vehicle
  • Transporter
  • Special edition car
  • Rider
  • Assistive vehicle

Caravan has a richer lineup, so you can choose a model according to the scene other than commercial purposes.

Although the lineup of Hiace seems to be not a lot, there are four types of van types that are widely used commercially, with different body sizes. You can choose the seat arrangement and floor shape, so Hiace is recommended for the variety of van types.


Hiace and Caravan as rival models have similar specifications, but there are differences in terms of their characteristics. Safety performance, trunk space, and lineup, etc. are different, so if you choose according to the purpose, it is very useful. It is recommended that you choose the most suitable car model based on safety performance and loadability. Let’s consider which one to use after understanding the features and differences between Hiace and Caravan.

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