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Common Problems of Black Car Owners

Many people around the world are enticed with owning a black car. After silver and white, it is considered among the most luxurious colors for vehicles. This hue is often associated with ambition, power, and wealth. This is also the reason why most limousines and Rolls-Royce cars are black. Auto manufacturers even take advantage of the demand by introducing special ‘night’ and ‘black’ editions of their car models. Due to their popularity, it has become common to find black vehicles in any Japanese used car auction.

While black cars are menacing and seductively mysterious, they can require high maintenance. So, are you ready to own one? Before you join a Japanese used car auction, make sure you get some useful information from this article first!

It Can be Challenging to Keep it Clean

Some paint colors tend to attract grime and dirt easily, and black is among them. Usually, the dirt won’t be bothersome if it is also black. However, if the stain is caused by mud or rain, they are easily noticeable on the car’s panels.

Swirl Marks are More Noticeable

There is no research study proving that black cars are more susceptible to swirl marks than other vehicle colors. However, evidently, the marks stick out more on black cars. Who would want to have unsightly swirls and lines on their car paint?

It Fades Faster Under the Sunlight

It can be difficult to maintain the luxurious look of a black car since the paint fades faster under sun exposure. Of course, it is virtually impossible to stay out of the sun just to keep the paint in good condition. So, whenever you’re out in the day and you need to park your black car, you always need to find a shady or enclosed spot.

It Can be a Big, Moving Oven

Have you ever tried walking out under the sun wearing black from head to toe? Did you notice how sweatier you are? Well, you should know that black attracts heat more than any other color, and the same is true with cars. So, whether you park outdoors or in a garage under the summer heat, you can expect to enter a toasty oven when you open your vehicle’s door.

It is Prone to Accidents

You may be surprised to discover that black cars are prone to accidents. Well, a research study from the Monash University concluded that black vehicles are 12% more likely to get into a collision than white vehicles. When driven in the nighttime, the probability is increased to 47% due to poor visibility.

Is it All Bad?

It is true that owning a black car can take serious commitment. However, your effort and financial investment usually pay off. For one, you can have a shiny, well-detailed vehicle that looks dramatically stunning. When properly maintained, black cars can look flawless and immaculate. After all, the creases, curves, and contours are generally more visible in this color. Just look at black superminis and supercars from a Japanese used car auction. All of them look awesome.

It is also worth noting that black is a popular color option for used cars. Since there is a high demand for black vehicles, you can expect them to have an excellent resale value.

Get Your Black Car from a Japanese Used Car Auction

Let’s face it. Black vehicles can be expensive. However, it does not mean that you should forget about your dream of owning one. Here at, we can help you get a black car at a fraction of the cost! Just use our online auction tool and let us bid on the vehicle you want.

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